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Phil85207 10-08-11 07:12 AM

A person shouldn't be too cocky.
I have pretty much been blessed with good health and just took it for granted. In the last three years or so my thyroid started acting up but I thought it was under control finally. About two months ago while traveling I began to feel listless. We came home early and I got much worse, very lethargic. I didn't want to even look at the bikes, walk or even get out of my chair. The wife thought I had depression and to the doctor I went. A blood test showed my thyroid was to high and my testosterone way low. Glad to say I am starting to feel much better again and took my first ride in a long time yesterday and it sure felt good. Just under 9 miles but its a start. I spent the rest of the day going over the bikes and it felt good to be up and at it again. Kind of funny how quick we can get zapped down by such things.

DnvrFox 10-08-11 07:35 AM

Great news

Those hormones in your body are literally valves, catalysts and controllers and if they get out of whack - wow!! Think of putting water or sugar in your car's gas tank.

stapfam 10-08-11 07:45 AM

About the middle of 98 and I started to run out of energy on rides- Couldn't concentrate on things and I pulled out of a few Societies I belonged to. Decided over the winter to get fitness back up and I did. Didn't get the brain right though and middle of 99 I found out what the problem was. One bypass later and I was cured Except for getting the body right again.

Difference with me was that right up to the heart attack-I was in peak fitness. Mentally though and I was irritable- Couldn't concentrate for long and if anyone upset me I was snapping their heads off. That even occured when riding- Road rage was nothing on me if even a rabbit got in my way.

Seems that the Mind knows when something is going wrong-- Just a pity that it doesn't communicate better and that we can't always recognise the signs.

ModeratedUser150120149 10-08-11 03:40 PM

Yep, it can all change in the blink of an eye. Glad you are getting your machine back in tune.

John_V 10-08-11 04:01 PM


You are absolutely correct! Things do happen very quickly. Four years ago, I was on a diet, loosing weight like crazy and thought that this had to be the best diet in the world. I was always tired to the point that it was hard not to fall asleep at any given time of day, which I thought was from me losing all that weight in a short time. My physical the year before was excellent and showed nothing wrong. I was due and went for my annual physical and after the blood work came back I found out that I had chronic leukemia which was the cause of the weight loss and the tired feeling and the blood work showed an elevated PSA. Three months later, my then new oncologist, did a routine weekly blood test on me and my PSA was higher yet. Biopsy came back positive for Prostate Cancer. I was 61 when that happened and until then had never spent a night in a hospital or had one day surgery, never broke a bone and rarely caught a cold. I'm wondering who phrased this part of life as being the "Golden Years?"

ModeratedUser150120149 10-08-11 04:16 PM

Originally Posted by John_V (Post 13337288)

... I'm wondering who phrased this part of life as being the "Golden Years?"

Some patronizing youngster with an agenda. Same person who said: "You have earned the right to do nothing."

tly 10-08-11 04:29 PM

Funny you should mention this today
I just got home from having my prostate removed after an elevated PSA and positive biopsy.

But good news is Doc feels that cancer was confined to prostate but will know for sure when biopsy comes back.

Had to get off bike two weeks prior to surgery but can go back on in 8 weeks and counting the days.

Keep on top of that PSA guys.

Phil85207 10-08-11 05:11 PM

I guess I am not the only one with these issues. I was feeling sorry for myself for missing the tour de Tucson and the tout de Safford, but I can thank my lucky stars I am free of cancer or some other disease. Thanks for the encouraging words.

fthomas 10-08-11 06:49 PM

Phil! Get well soon! Glad to hear they got things figured out for you.

Artkansas 10-08-11 08:30 PM

Originally Posted by John_V (Post 13337288)
I'm wondering who phrased this part of life as being the "Golden Years?"

Undoubtedly an owner of a Health Insurance Company.

Lightning Pilot 10-03-19 01:38 PM

Phil, I'm glad you are on the mend. Eternal vigilance is not merely the price of liberty. It is the price of life, itself. And that gets more true with advancing age.

I also like your take on hills, and courage.

Lemond1985 10-03-19 01:59 PM

I remember a heart specialist physician saying that the one thing that all of his patients had in common ... they were nearly all irritable.

So I try not to be that way as much as possible, but sometimes my impatience (most definitely NOT a virtue) with other people gets the best of me. Been getting better at that though. Patience is something a person such as myself really needs to work at consistently, or I easily fall back into my old habits.

Hermes 10-03-19 07:19 PM

Closing thread. Note that this is an 8 year old zombie thread and many of the posters may no longer be current.

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