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skilsaw 10-21-11 07:23 PM

N+1 dilema.
Went into one of the bigger bike shops in Town today to sniff the grease, and saw a Madone 5.5 Pro for $3500. That appears to be a truly excellent bike for that price. The bike (without riding it) is my size. The problem is that I've been thinking my next "bike" will be a canoe. I've just been holding off while I build up the bank balance.

So I must deal with my bicycle coveting and bike lust until until it fades away. Tough being in the "me first and deny me nothing" generation. Learning to delay gratification is so hard!

lookinUp 10-22-11 09:14 AM


You can always rent a canoe!

Get the bike. FWIW, I just got a Madone 4.5 wsd instead of new kitchen cabinets. NO REGRETS! The Madone is awsome.

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