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teachme 01-29-12 05:46 PM

Theres your sign...
Interesting sign I came across on the Texas Independence Bike Tour.

DX-MAN 01-29-12 06:24 PM

Left over from the old commercial, I'd guess -- so long ago, I don't remember the biz that was advertising!

BlazingPedals 01-30-12 06:52 AM

So, that's where the bridge parks?

Bob Ross 01-30-12 09:14 AM

I gotta get me one of those for my neighborhood...

bigbadwullf 01-30-12 11:16 AM

"Here's your sign". Bill Engvall. Comedian.

qcpmsame 01-30-12 05:50 PM

Please not "Smilin' Bob" in those tasteless Enzyte male enhancement commercials! He cannot park there. Only Teachme and Bob Ross should be allowed that privilege.


Bikey Mikey 01-30-12 06:48 PM

Artkansas 01-30-12 07:37 PM

Seems like there would be room in the space for your bike and the BOB trailer.

Shifty 01-30-12 08:26 PM

From BF member ErickL, it speaks to me,

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