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cranky old dude 02-05-12 07:27 PM

O.K. people......Show off your Brown Bikes!!
I must say that this years lack of significant snowfall has not bothered me in the least little bit.

I have not been riding for numerous personal reasons so the pleasant weather has not been a boon to me in that arena. Of course I also have not had to shovel the driveway and walk. My utility bill is lower than normal due to the warmer weather. My bride has nice dry pavement to walk on when she ventures out doors. Life has been nice.

However, the landscape is predominantly brown so why not take this opportunity to show off our brown bikes?

Here's a pic of our 1970 Schwinn Twinn to start things going...

...and one of our Alenax Mtn. bikes...(it's more brown than this picture depicts)...

...this ancient pic is a rerun from the red bike thread, this time focusing on my 1971 Schwinn Varsity...

NOS88 02-05-12 07:49 PM

Lenny, you're breaking my heart. My first "real" bike was a Schwinn Continental that was Brown. But alas, it is long gone. I sure do miss that bike.

Bob Ross 02-06-12 10:17 AM

This thread should be interesting...I'm still a couple years away from receiving my next custom bike, but have started thinking about paint, and it recently occurred to me that a Terra Cotta/Burnt Sienna/Copper/Tan-ish, Orange-ish Brown (with contrasting Ivory/Creme panels) might be really cool. So looking to see if anyone else's Brown is of the non-poo variety.

stapfam 02-06-12 11:29 AM

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dbg 02-06-12 11:53 AM

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I don't have a current brown bike. Does this old Mel Pinto tandem count (it's been powdercoated to a different color now)

And here's a match the brown Twinn (sorry for being off color). I upgraded it to a 7speed internal and gave it to a friend for his lakehouse in Peewaukee. Notice the lantern headlight. Beautiful.

lookinUp 02-06-12 12:04 PM

Trek calls the color 'Root Beer'. Looks brown to me! Unfortunately, my blue Madone 4.5 has relegated this bike to the back of the garage.

bigbadwullf 02-06-12 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by stapfam (Post 13816313)

Love it

Louis 02-06-12 05:40 PM

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Here's my Long Haul Trucker. It's the only true touring bike I've ever owned. Surly calls this color "truckaccino"...for me it's just plain old light brown.:o

The area where this pic was taken is said to be full of ghosts. See if you can spot the bear in the reflection on the window by the chimney in the first pic.

10 Wheels 02-06-12 06:08 PM

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Pacific Coast Highway August 2009

Tom Stormcrowe 02-06-12 06:23 PM

My 1971 Nishiki Custom Sport, set up as a FG

No, I didn't grind anything off the can go back to original anytime.

ThatBritBloke 02-07-12 06:50 AM

Ah ... I see it now ...

Louis 02-07-12 11:28 AM

Originally Posted by ThatBritBloke (Post 13819857)

:lol::lol:......and he's not your average bear.

Konasutra 02-08-12 08:25 PM

My favorite Brown Bike.............

BluesDawg 02-08-12 09:38 PM

Salsa calls it Spicy Mustard, which is kind of brown.
bike1 by BluesDawg, on Flickr

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