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stapfam 05-25-12 03:37 PM

Help required
I started on MTB's in 1990 and it was not long before I went clipless. 6 years ago I got my first road bike and stayed with the clipless system I had which was Shimano SPD. The pedals worked OK and I already had couple of pairs of well worn in comfortable shoes for SPD's that I could walk about in. I did make the concession of buying A520 pedals to replace the M520's as they look more road like.

I am happy with the pedals and the shoes and can see no reason to change.

So why have I just ordered a set of Shimano SPD-SL shoes for the one set of road pedals that are in my stock but never used?

Have I lost my mind or will I never be able to get off the bike to walk into a Cafe for Pie again.

DnvrFox 05-25-12 04:31 PM


RonH 05-25-12 04:36 PM

Walking with SPD-SL cleats is not a problem. The cleats are made of plastic so you may want cleat covers if you plan on doing a lot of walking on rough surfaces.

Retro Grouch 05-25-12 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by stapfam (Post 14272629)
Have I lost my mind or will I never be able to get off the bike to walk into a Cafe for Pie again.

You see a problem, I see opportunity. As a favor to you, after each ride send me your pie money and I'll do the rest.

NOS88 05-25-12 06:13 PM

Repeat after me..."I'm OK, the decision I made was a good one. I trust my ability to do the things that will bring more enjoyment to my riding. I am competent, capable and fully in possession of my faculties.”

Seriously, what can it hurt to try something new?

cyclinfool 05-25-12 07:19 PM

Your as daft as a brush

Dudelsack 05-25-12 07:22 PM

Daft as a brush?

miss kenton 05-25-12 07:36 PM

I don't see an issue. I have at least six pairs of black high heels in my closet. If I am looking at shoes and see a pair of black high heels that I think I need, I buy them, end of story. I can see how this could easily translate to bike shoes.
Own it, Stapfam. Embrace it. Thank your lucky stars you're not into sports car shopping.

billydonn 05-25-12 07:52 PM

After using SPDs for some time, I have just done the same thing, i.e. bought road shoes for the first time. I will also use the SPD-SLs. I think of it as a science project... a great and noble quest for knowledge beyond the "book learning" you can get here. :)

It is the duty of each true knight. Don't let them break your spirit.... Carry on Sancho!

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