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qcpmsame 05-29-12 04:29 PM

50+ Jersey Pic, as ordered by CCCorlew
I am about 2 years too late:notamused: but I finally got a picture of my 50+ jersey after a ride this afternoon. Here it is, I apologize in advance for the ugly mug:eek:.

Monica took these for me after my afternoon ride. Wives are the best! Sorry it took so long Curtis but I got it done finally.

As y'all can see I am size huge:twitchy: (6'-1" and ~245 lbs but steadily losing, thank goodness!) always have been since birth:roflmao2:. Never a threat to the feather merchants here but I am determined to recover completely and work myself to USA Cycling racing and a Cat 5 to start and some 50+ age group racing like senior Games and such, You may flame as necessary;)


DnvrFox 05-29-12 07:18 PM

You look good!!

I expect to see you on the cover of Bicycling Magazine.

miss kenton 05-29-12 07:35 PM

Nice, Bill! Still looking like a Marine! :thumb: I just wish the picture wasn't so teen-tiny!

qcpmsame 05-29-12 08:24 PM

Miss K',
I tried repeatedly to do the Photobucket thing here and still can't get it to work. I'll go to the page in the forum help section tomorrow and figure it out once and for all. Thanks to you and Denver for the compliments, I appreciate them muchly!


CraigB 05-29-12 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by miss kenton (Post 14287634)
Still looking like a Marine!

Of course he does. Once a jarhead, always a jarhead, right Bill? <said with the greatest respect and admiration, of course>

qcpmsame 05-29-12 08:38 PM

Roger that, put it exactly as we say it. No "Ex-", former, or other appellations. Just Marine, as the newest Commandant put things recently. It has been 35 years since I got out, really still a kid, but safe in the knowledge I could work through anything that came my way. Other than Monica, my wife, it is the most important thing that took place in my life. It stands me well in life, and beside my kids know every jar head joke in the book and take delight in using them on the Old Man!!:thumb: I was a Peacetime Marine, thankfully, and don't hold a candle to those that are protecting our freedoms and of course "The Greatest Generation" Marines and all the branches of the military.


miss kenton 05-29-12 09:57 PM

You still served, Bill, so thank you!

jppe 05-30-12 02:06 PM

You are the perfect type of rider I love having in front of me! Sporting the colors as well.

qcpmsame 05-30-12 02:23 PM

Yeah, I have been told I am efficient as a wind break before:rolleyes:amongst other things. Doesn't bother me, I am regaining my health pretty well, feel much better since I got back riding when I like and want (pretty much daily if possible) and feel happy:love: about my cycling and life in general. 50+ simply rules:thumb:, that is why I represent' in the colors!!:D When Curtis(cccurlew) is finally able to organize another kit purchase I'll be in line for another SS jersey, a LS jersey, Bib shorts and a wind jacket. This forum keeps me feeling good and keeps me riding.


Mort Canard 05-30-12 02:28 PM

Lookin' good Bill! You don't look winded at all.

abxba 06-01-12 09:27 AM

Where did you get this jersey? Are they still available anywhere?

qcpmsame 06-01-12 03:12 PM

Cccorlew here does a 50+ kit order when he gets the time (it is very intensive and he does this alone,) you'll see an announcement posted by Curtis when he is ready to do the order process. You can do a search and find the old threads for some idea of what items are available. He usually does this order in the early fall but it isn't a fixed thing and his plate is full right now.

Curtis designed the kit and the 50+ emblem his self and the other kit items look super too. I am going to order another short sleeve jersey, a long sleeve jersey, bib shorts and a wind jacket this time (as said previously.) Watch for the announcement and get your order in quickly. It is worth the wait.


Yen 06-01-12 09:40 PM

Looks good on ya!

billydonn 06-01-12 09:49 PM

I mostly hang around this group because the kids here have a cool uniform.;)

qcpmsame 06-02-12 08:19 AM

Yeah, that and the secret handshake make it fun for me too.


cccorlew 06-02-12 08:31 AM

Thanks for the photo!
Is guess I'd better do this project again. When I get done teaching my summer class —late June — I'll do an energy check.

david58 06-11-12 10:58 AM

Fat boys fit in these jerseys, too
1 Attachment(s)

On Tour de Hood, on the fringes of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Worn proudly.

The guy that took the picture is 70+. He finished the ride, too.

freedomrider1 06-11-12 12:18 PM

lookin good guys,Don had 50 + a wind jacket on the HRR that looked like a nice jacket.

John_V 06-11-12 01:19 PM

I may have to get me one of those jerseys. Of course, I really don't need one for people to tell that I'm not in my forties.

[email protected] 06-11-12 02:05 PM

Hi Curtis, Yes, I already have a 50+ jersey and shorts but I would buy another jersey if you do a full-zip next time!

Rick / OCRR

stapfam 06-11-12 02:23 PM

2 Attachment(s)
There is a problem with these jerseys They shrink around the waist area.
One pic from 2008 and one a couple of weeks ago

miss kenton 06-11-12 02:53 PM

Maybe I'm just biased, but I think everyone looks great in their 50+ jerseys!

billydonn 06-11-12 04:23 PM


Originally Posted by miss kenton (Post 14342176)
Maybe I'm just biased, but I think everyone looks great in their 50+ jerseys!

Maybe it's the jersey! :D It is really distinctive and easy to spot.

I had two or three riders remark favorably on the jersey during the recent ride in Tennessee. These are from the 50+ ride taken by the event sponsors:

billydonn 06-11-12 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by billydonn (Post 14302581)
I mostly hang around this group because the kids here have a cool uniform.;)


Originally Posted by qcpmsame (Post 14303413)
Yeah, that and the secret handshake make it fun for me too.


But chicks dig the uniform.... :innocent:

miss kenton 06-11-12 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by billydonn (Post 14342572)
But chicks dig the uniform.... :innocent:


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