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fireguyq 06-04-12 11:59 AM

There is a difference in cheap shorts and good shorts. My first tour, I got cheap. The next tour, I had Cannondale shorts. Bite the bullet, get a pair of Cannondale shorts, Pearl Izumi or other good brand. Expect to pay $50.00 to $60.00 for a good pair. Just get one pair, if you do not like them, you can try another brand.

Shimagnolo 06-04-12 12:15 PM

Originally Posted by bobthib (Post 14309153)

NSFW. Left as link only in response to a report. (Moderator edit)

That photo is much too small.:(

cccorlew 06-04-12 12:26 PM

I still don't get what a jock will do that the shorts don't do. Unless your junk is made of lead and you suffer elephantiasis, if your shorts fit they'll keep things in place just fine.
Maybe your shorts are too baggy.

rm -rf 06-04-12 12:55 PM

Originally Posted by Timtruro (Post 14304228)
Went without undies the other day. I think I read here that it would be more comfortable and the cotton underwear was really starting to cause problems, real discomfort after 15-20 miles. I felt fine without it but wondering if an athletic supporter might not help with some of the minimal discomfort in front

Shorts can vary a lot in their fit. The chamois on my old shorts had a fold or crease in just the wrong spot when I was leaned over on the bike, and caused some annoyance. My current ones fit much better.

Blanchje 06-04-12 01:04 PM

I always assumed that the job of leg grippers was to hold it in place...:lol:

mprelaw 06-04-12 01:11 PM

Originally Posted by Timtruro (Post 14311911)
I knew all that about cotton from my running days of course, but somehow felt that there should be some support between me and the bike shorts. Could not believe the difference as far as comfort on the seat goes. Very pleased, just still believe that some support in the front is needed, so I will try the jock and see how that works out. If it doesn't, then the minor discomfort in the front will be more than worth it, given the vast improvement in comfort on the backside.

Try bibs. Sometimes the pull of the suspenders on your shoulders helps keep the chamois tighter in front.

Dudelsack 06-04-12 03:13 PM

I wear the "I can't believe they're bike shorts" shorts. They lift. And separate.

Bikey Mikey 06-04-12 04:21 PM

Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 14313009)
I wear the "I can't believe they're bike shorts" shorts. They lift. And separates.

:lol: :roflmao:

I think the Jock strap is a bad idea.

Timtruro 06-05-12 07:53 AM

Originally Posted by Blanchje (Post 14312305)
I always assumed that the job of leg grippers was to hold it in place...:lol:

I thought that's what socks were for!!

Blanchje 06-05-12 01:16 PM

Originally Posted by Timtruro (Post 14315666)
I thought that's what socks were for!!


Blanchje 06-05-12 01:17 PM

Since we are all over 50 you may want to consider this...

CraigB 06-05-12 02:30 PM

Curtis and stapfam are right. If the shorts fit properly, they'll provide all the support you need. You simply need to pull the boys up and out of the way before you ride, and the shorts will keep everything in place and happy. I say this as a public service (to new male riders, if not to those members of the public who are within view of them - google "polish cycling team photo" and you'll see what I mean), because as seldom as new riders are told to skip the underwear, proper placement of the, um, equipment is discussed even less frequently.

Phil85207 06-07-12 05:24 PM

When I first saw the title "Went Komando" I thought he shaved more than his legs.

Bikey Mikey 06-07-12 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by Phil85207 (Post 14327593)
When I first saw the title "Went Komando" I thought he shaved more than his legs.

I heard it makes you more aerodynamic.

soma5 06-07-12 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 14304445)

On a lighter note, perhaps trying just an athletic supporter would be a good idea.
Never mind.

It will hurt. The straps come together at just the wrong place.

FlatSix911 06-07-12 10:36 PM

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Try bibs ... :thumb:

Rowan 06-08-12 12:41 AM

I didn't think sportsmen used jock straps anymore. All the professional footballers in our country use briefs or compression shorts. My experiences with jockstraps when I was young were not pleasant, and I quickly decided briefs were the way of the future.

Frankly, I think Tim would be ill-advised to even consider a jock strap (the male version of the g-string perhaps). He really does need to experiment a little with the bike shorts he has, and consider buying other pairs until he finds the brand and model that best suits his anatomy both in terms of chamois and support.

billydonn 06-08-12 06:32 AM

Originally Posted by cccorlew (Post 14307677)
I am always surprised when I hear of people wearing anything under their cycling shorts. That sort of defeats their purpose.

Me too... but if I was designing a new bike jersey it would be a great temptation to use that Latin: Nunquam ubi sub ubi

John_V 06-08-12 06:44 AM

When my daughter gave me my first pair of riding shorts as a present, I had a hard time riding in them. It wasn't a fit issue, but a chamois issue where the chamois felt like sandpaper after the first few washings. Granted, that these were not expensive riding shorts, but they should have lasted longer than what they did before the chamois surface started getting rough. Since I still had a bit of a hang-up riding in spandex shorts, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money on another pair so I took the advise of my Retul fitter (a semi-pro racer) and purchased a pair of UnderArmour mesh, compression boxer shorts (he wears them as well) to try and see if that would solve the problem. Well, it did and some. I noticed that the compression around the leg was better than with just the riding shorts so my legs didn't tire as quick or as much. There is more surface area to wick the moisture away from your body and the transfer from the compression shorts to the riding shorts kept both of them (and me) drier than with just the riding shorts alone. And of course, there was the fact that they kept the boys in place better then the riding shorts alone. Since then, I have purchased more expensive riding shorts but still used the compression shorts with them. The only time I have had any issues with the compression shorts is when I decide to do one of my daily rides entirely on the aerobars. There is one seam that tends to get in the way when you shift into the aero position and it can irritate the crap out of you. Other than that, I have never had any issues with irritation, moisture wicking, comfort or anything else when wearing the UnderArmor shorts. Over the last few weeks before my shoulder injury, I was doing most of my rides primarily on the aerobars and started riding commando again because of the irritation from that one seam. I will continue using the compression shorts on all of my charity and club rides since I don't use the aerobars when I ride on public roadways.

CraigB 06-08-12 07:32 AM

Originally Posted by FlatSix911 (Post 14328654)
Try bibs ... :thumb:

That kid must really like wrestling. I mean, really like it.

qcpmsame 06-08-12 07:44 AM

I hated jock straps when I was younger and was a baseball catcher and had to wear one with a cup or pay the painful price. I started wearing bicycle shorts in the mid 70's when they were wool with actual leather chamois. Went commando from ride 1 with them. Don't like a bunched upbound up feeling.

Pharmarider 05-13-13 08:57 PM

Or whoever he was wrestling with...LOL

BluesDawg 05-13-13 09:57 PM

With Lycra bike shorts, no underwear and no jock strap needed. A little chamois creme and proper adjustment of the package keeps everything happy.

HawkOwl 05-13-13 10:37 PM

Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 14304821)
I had to look that up. It's pretty funny.


jim p 05-14-13 06:30 AM

If you don't like any of the above suggestion, then you may just want to quit being a sissy and just take a paper stapler and staple everything in place. I think this is what all the 41 crowd does. Just going by their attitude of HTFU. :)

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