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kehomer 06-25-12 09:20 PM

New 50+ Contributor.
I've been a Forum member for a few years but don't recall contributing to this particular forum. Haven't read many of the previous entries but I'll bet you guys are a pretty eclectic bunch. Wait while I get my dictionary and check my spelling.

I printed a copy of the first forum entry, the one with the questions. Will try to comply but feel that my answers will probably not be in the same order as the questions and in answering one question, I may actually answer multiple questions.

1. Age: I'll be 72 the first week in July.

2. Don't know what types of bikes other folks ride but when I retired 7 years ago, I pulled my old Peugeot PR-10 out of storage and proceeded to fix it up. I had bought the bike new in 1973, rode it sporatically for a few years and then put it up. Fifteen years later my son got his hands on it and rode it for a couple of years. Anyhow, it was in poor shape when I decided to clean it up and ride again. Got some help from a great LBS, taught myself a little about bike mechanics. Fixed it up pretty well. Then I bought a 91 ( I think) Lemond Zurich. Great bike. Had it powdercoated bright yellow. The Peugeot got a red powdercoat. Got some excellent Peugeot decals from a guy in Australia. Later sold both bikes. Both of the bikes were a little large for me. Got a hankering for a Surly LHT in dark cherry. Bought a frame and my LBS built it up. Very comfortable but a little clunky. Got a 1988 Panasonic PT3500. Hated the original paint job but love that bike. It's now a deep green. Still have it. Later got a real good deal on a 1972 PX-10 that fits perfectly. It's in fine shape too; chrome, paint, everything. Rides great. My last purchase was a Panasonic DX5000 that I bought in May. That 25 year old bike is almost time capsule cherry.

I like to walk and love to ride. My knees, however, don't cooperate very well. The area where I live, here in North Georgia, is lovely but very hilly. The older I get, the steeper the hills get. I need a lot of help from the drive train. I put a 34t freewheel on my PX-10. Looks terrible. I then talked myself into pulling the beautiful old Stronglight crank and installing a compact Sugino double. Doesn't look great but at least I can ride it! Put a 32t 7sp IRD freewheel and a compact Sugino triple on the Panasonic Tourer. I hated to change anything on the DX5000. It was all original Shimano 600. I pulled the jewel like rear derailleur and put on a 3X bigger honking Deore XT RD to handle the 34t 6sp IRD freewheel that I got for it. That really helped. I really want to keep the old Shimano crank but may switch it with a vintage triple later.

3. Any special supplements? Yes, but they don't seem to work very well.

Let's see, looks like I have already answered questions 3 and 4. If I answered questions 5 &6, I would probably lie. I'll just say that I don't ride as often or as long as I would like.

Anyway, now you know my bicycle history, probably in more detail than you'd like.

doctor j 06-25-12 09:57 PM

Welcome to 50+. Sounds as if you may be able to answer to questions related to wrenching.

qcpmsame 06-26-12 05:55 AM

Welcome aboard the 50+ mad house. The bikes sound nice, post up some pics so we can drool over them when you get a chance. Eclectic doesn't even begin to describe our group, you will fit right in. Where are you in North Georgia? We have several members that live in Georgia, maybe y'all can meet up some.

As Dr.J said, it sounds as if we can count on some good mechanical gouge from you in the future, stick around. Oh, and let us know what kind of PIE you like for you after the ride snack. We love PIE here, really love PIE.


DnvrFox 06-26-12 06:01 AM

Welcome. You forgot to tell us about your colonoscopies.

kehomer 06-27-12 04:35 AM

I thought I'd give you an in-depth (ouch) description as my next entry.

kehomer 06-27-12 04:49 AM

My mechanical knowledge relating to bikes is pretty shallow. I learned what I had to learn to solve my own problems. Have also relied on an excellent LBS near where I live, Bicycle Doc in Norcross, GA - just to give him a plug.

I'm sorry but I don't get your reference to PIE, maybe because I'm new to this forum.

Will post some bike pictures.

Ken H

qcpmsame 06-27-12 05:32 AM

Pie is the 50+ forum's preferred post or, during a coffee stop on a ride, choice of a treat. Doesn't matter what kind of pie (the usual caps are mine, I really love PIE) you have or like. In September Stapfam will declare a Pie Ride Saturday and usually a 15 mile or better ride is done and pie is enjoyed by all. Did I mention that I really like PIE! You will find all types of pie eaten by our members but blueberry seems to be a favorite in the fruit pies and my all time summer PIE is a Key Lime PIE.

Just a quirk we cultivate for us old geezers to enjoy our bicycling. Along with discussing aches, ills and scheduling colonoscopies we have a wide variety of topics about cycling and life as we enjoy it. Welcome, again.


berner 06-27-12 07:49 AM

Glad you made it over here kehomer. I'm 73 y.o. and know about hills on old legs. I have a triple also with a 26T chain wheel and and a low 30 T cog in the back which works around here. I will never be 17 again but I'm getting serious muscle on my legs as I slowly get faster and stronger.

I've met a few of the guys over on the Classic and Vintage forum. An excellent bunch of people. As one who clearly appreciates such bike, you might enjoy spending some time with them also.

kehomer 06-27-12 11:47 AM

You are right. I enjoy reading the posts at the Classic & Vintage forum. There are some very knowledgeable people at groups. google also, the IBobs, etc. It's good to have those resources to draw on. Thanks for your input.

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