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Red Rider 06-26-12 10:14 PM

OT -- We Got Distracted
Over Father's Day weekend c_gallagh completed a bucket-list item and flew his hang glider in Yosemite. See the video and enjoy the vicarious thrill.

No bikes were harmed in the making of this video. ;)

missjean 06-27-12 01:50 PM

Wow! Just gliding along - it looks so peaceful, (well, except the jumping off a cliff part:eek:) I love the shadow of the glider on the cliffs.

I was up at the New England Mountain Bike Association's Mountain Biking Festival at the Kingdom Trails in East Burke VT this past weekend and there was a para-glider flying around over the top of Burke Mt. He was up there for hours, circling and swooping, it looked like so much fun.

miss kenton 06-27-12 04:14 PM

That was AWESOME! I'd be petrified,but it was fun to watch!

RedC 06-27-12 05:41 PM


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