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JanMM 07-18-12 02:36 PM

Commute, interrupted
Halfway to work (5 mi.) this morning when I suddenly found myself down and sliding on the greasy road surface. Damn leaky truck, trailer, whatever!:mad: No traffic near me.:thumb:

Minor damage to the bike (scraped pedal end, brake lever, one spot on the handlebar and on the seat cushion/cover) and to me (contusion to calf with small bleeding gash on shin, very small road rash on knee and open bloody wound on elbow from impact with pavement). Coulda been much worse. Usually carry first aid stuff, bandana, paper towels, etc. but today had only a semi-clean rag from my emerg. tool kit to stop the bleeding. Wife was kind enough to pick me up and then take me to the urgent care place after a proper clean-up and inspection. Thought maybe sutures needed for elbow but they just steri-stripped it. The urgent care place was cheaper and faster than my ED would have been - the care was appropriate, urgent care place is no substitute for an ED if you are really banged up or have a serious problem.

Lesson learned: Expect for something like this to happen and be sure to have stuff on hand to deal with first aid emergencies.

Two folks stopped to check on me and ask if I needed a ride - they both identified themselves as employees of the healthcare system that I work for!:) Wife was already on the way.

Sorry, no pics.

k7baixo 07-18-12 03:06 PM

Damn Jan - glad it wasn't any worse.

JanMM 07-19-12 03:58 PM

Taking a couple of days off the bike/s to let the swelling in the lower leg go down. Hope to ride this weekend. Couldn't say that if bones had been broken.:thumb:

Doohickie 07-19-12 04:03 PM

Don't do that!

lhbernhardt 07-19-12 04:24 PM

Crashing on oil or ice is one of the worst ways to crash, but at least speed is usually low. I once rode onto a freshly-oiled road - the barricades either weren't there or were deceptively placed. At least it was smooth asphalt and not chipseal.


Dchiefransom 07-19-12 05:41 PM

Good you didn't get hurt worse. When it's hot like back there, the asphalt leaches out oil.

skilsaw 07-19-12 06:22 PM

Glad it wasn't anything serious.
I have a real fear of crosswalk paint on frosty mornings.

JanMM 07-19-12 07:08 PM

At least the paint on roadways can be seen in advance. Whatever took me down wasn't noticeable. I stopped at the scene today as I drove to work to see if I could find the cyclocomputer that I later noted had fallen off - and could see a dark stain on the lane. Nothing that would catch your eye as you approach, tho. Lots of working trucks frequent this section of the road - some of them leak or spill fluids. No longer slick today after a hard rain last night and 24 hours worth of traffic.

I agree that ice and oil share the property of being able to instantly take you down.

Bikealou 07-19-12 08:04 PM

Which bike were you riding? I went down on a Rans Tailwind in a similar situation. My buddy was riding a Stratus. There was ongoing road work at the intersection; it was an early dewy morning. Heard my buddy go down behind me, I tapped my brake to make sure he was OK. Down before I knew I was falling. Absolutely no reaction time on a recumbent in that situation. There was some kind of greasy surface wet with the dew. Ripped a hole in my sock and left ankle and the seat cushion. We were able to finish our ride.

jim p 07-19-12 08:58 PM

You guys have me paranoid now. I saw an oil spill on the road that I ride. I didn't pay it much attention. I will give spill respect in the future.

JanMM 07-19-12 09:08 PM

The short wheelbase V-Rex is my commuter.
I have at least 6,000 miles on the bike and that's the first time I've hit the ground while riding it - it's very stable and predictable.

NOS88 07-19-12 09:22 PM

Had a similar experience on a motorcycle. Glad you weren't hurt more. Those slicks are a true danger to anything on two wheels.

FrederickH 07-23-12 01:42 PM

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Originally Posted by skilsaw (Post 14504487)
Glad it wasn't anything serious.
I have a real fear of crosswalk paint on frosty mornings.

My wife and I were in Kinderdijk, Holland, this late November, early morning. The asphalt bicycle paths were covered in a heavy frost and it was barely walkable. However, there were commuters just flying down the path on their way to work. Unbelievable!!

adamhenry 07-23-12 03:30 PM

I hope you didn't get hurt when you took the fall as you were taking that picture. :lol:

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