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wobblyoldgeezer 09-29-12 07:33 AM

2 nice morning rides this weekend. Which was better?
Both enjoyable. Temperature has dropped, although still pretty hot - maybe 34 C

The weekend is Friday and Saturday. Yesterday, maybe 35 kms - nothing even remotely praiseworthy by the standards of the regulars here - but one of those times when the temptation outweighed the 50+ sense. First 10 km out, "Blimey we're all a bit good today", rolling along in an easy big gear at 35kmh. Oh yes, Bowie esq, 'We could be heroes, just for this time'.

Until we turned around and realised that there was indeed a bit of previous wind assistance, present wind resistance, and a sweaty struggle back to base! All safely back but cooked, maybe 90 minutes.

(That was on the steel/carbon best bike, light ksyrium wheels and every other kit advantage).

This morning, riding on my own, older Specialized Sirrus Triple, retro with downtube 105 and Brooks, 90 kms, 3 hrs 45. No wind, just a bit of humidity, smooth roads, no traffic, comfy, nothing to aim for or keep up with.

It's all good, eh?

Bikey Mikey 09-29-12 08:13 AM

Both were good. Second day just 10 km shy of a full metric. You deserve some pie.

qcpmsame 09-29-12 01:26 PM

Roger that WOG, sounds like two good rides to me.


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