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Retro Grouch 09-29-12 03:30 PM

Pop goes the weasel.
I just finished assembling the first of two Kettwiesels so that Mrs. Grouch and I can go tandeming again. There are a lot of details that are different from a diamond frame bike and a lot of clock alignment to do with no good place to measure from. I'm going to have to rework the front derailleur cable housing but the trike is at least rideable for now. I still need to get some black water bottle cages and I haven't figured out how to install a bike computer on it yet. Maybe I'll add a Garmin to my want list but I'm not sure where to mount a Garmin on a delta trike either.

After selling our Screamer I ordered the second Kett for Mrs. Grouch. appearantly there aren't any black ones anywhere so we're haveing one custom made for us in Germany. Hase, the manufacturer, says 3 weeks, the dealer says 4 weeks and I'm thinking 6 weeks. We'll see.

Two Kettwiesels will definitely fit inside of our Honda Element but it'll require some effort. The booms will have to be shortened each time and the front wheels removed. Neither is a deal breaker but we're probably talking 10 minutes assembly for 1 or 15 minutes for both. Not too bad. I wasn't too sure if I'd be able to expand and contract the boom by myself, but it looks do-able.

overthehillmedi 09-29-12 03:53 PM


Phil85207 09-29-12 06:12 PM

We need pictures.

Dchiefransom 09-29-12 06:20 PM

You could use a cockpit mount from TerraCycle on the USS.

Retro Grouch 09-30-12 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by Dchiefransom (Post 14788618)
You could use a cockpit mount from TerraCycle on the USS.

The good news is that Hase sells a "universal" mount that's ideally designed for this purpose. Looks good too.
The bad news is that they are $74.00 each. That's just for the mount. "Universal" means you still have to buy the computer.

zonatandem 09-30-12 09:10 PM

2 Kettwiesels can be mounted 'in tandem'!

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