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qcpmsame 10-01-12 07:59 PM

Looking for fenders for wife's Trek 7300
Any suggestions on where to start looking for a set of fenders for a 2008 Trek 7300 hybrid? I want to put a set on Monica's Trek so she can ride this winter without all the slop all over her and the bike. Thanks for any advise in advance.


Barrettscv 10-01-12 08:13 PM

Hi Bill,

I'm happy with the Planet Bike Cascadia Hybrid:

They installed Without any challenges, look good and cover well.

qcpmsame 10-02-12 05:25 AM

Thanks much for the lead, I will look at these closer, seem to be what she is wanting, to me.


GeorgeBMac 10-02-12 05:48 AM

Sorry, I can't offer suggestions on brands... But: When I bought my 2012 Trek DS I told the LBS I wanted it to have fenders. So, he took over and ordered them and installed them (which was far more difficult that Trek had advertised ("Fender Ready" -- yeh, right!) -- he even had to replace the FD with a side-pull to get them on...

But, I can attest to their efficacy: Riding my road bike on limestone Rails-to-Trails meant I have to give the bike a complete bath every 50 - 75 miles. And, when it was wet, I had to give myself one as well because the limestone sand made a trail up my back and into my hair. Me and the bike were just filthy dirty.

But, the DS with its fenders stays incredibly clean -- and so do I!

The manager of the LBS is an avid cyclist who rides every weekend and often commutes to work. As he was installing them he asked:
"Do you know what they call fenders?"
... "No?"
........ Common Sense!

I know that they add weight and are not terribly practical for MTB -- but for non-racing style cycling, they are great! I do not understand the bias against them.

Retro Grouch 10-02-12 09:40 AM

I've got a set of 45mm Planet Bike fenders that I'd be willing to trade for pretty much anything cool. Did I mention they are YELLOW?

Crank57 10-02-12 01:45 PM

I put the 38mm Planet Bike fenders on my '07 Giant Cypress. They should fit the Trek 7300. I almost got that bike, I really liked it, but I settled for the Cypress because I had two other Giants. I needed fenders for my commuter ride and they do a really good job.

oddjob2 10-02-12 04:23 PM has a large selection and everything is 20% off right now. The $20 lifetime membership is the world's best deal.

NOS88 10-02-12 04:32 PM

I think some of the best fenders made right now can be found at VeloOrange.

Be it the Honjo smooth or the VO hammered fenders, they are very cool looking.

Altair 4 10-02-12 07:23 PM

I installed a set of SKS Plastichrome P45 fenders on my hybrid. I added an SKS rubber mudflap thingie to the front fender, to increase the protection for my feet. These were one of the best accessories I have ever purchased for the bike. This was after I had ridden the GAP trail in the rain and got completely coated in limestone grit. It helped kill my chain, too.

I had them on for the New Year's Day Icicle Bicycle Tour around the city. The roads were wet from earlier rainfall. The only people without skunk stripes were the folks with fenders. I love 'em - they look Freddy, but that's part of the charm.

If I were doing it again, I'd buy SKS Longboards.

Monoborracho 10-03-12 06:05 PM

I have a set of these for my Trek 520 tourer when I run 32 or 28 tires for over the road. I consider these to be the finest fenders you can buy off the rack, bar none. They may, or may not, take a bit of custom drilling to fit.


I also have a set of these, with which I rode the C&O/GAP a few years ago, also the Trek 520, but with 37mm Continental Top Contact tires. We had three days of rain on the seven day Adventure Cycling trip. I never looked like a skunk.

qcpmsame 10-04-12 06:33 AM

I should have stated in the OP her 7300 has the damnable front suspension RST forks and it has V-brakes. I am adding these variables into the equation while I look so I don't order and receive a set of fenders I cannot use. if it were me I would put a regular CX fork on the Trek and be done with things. She likes this bike a lot, she knows bikes well, has ridden a century and would cut my cajones off if I did the fork transplant. Not much in that dept but I would like to keep what I have, never wanted to sing soprano as a castrati.


Barrettscv 10-05-12 01:13 PM

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Does your fork have an arch above the tire with a mounting point for the fender? This allows the use of regular full length fenders.

tsl 10-05-12 02:12 PM

I rode yesterday with a guy who was riding a Trek 7500 (just different components from the 7300), with suspension fork, etc.

His bike was equipped with the Bontrager Interchange Nebula fenders.

rumrunn6 10-05-12 02:23 PM

I bought "hybrid" fenders from a bike shop. they also sell "mountain bike" fenders.

qcpmsame 10-05-12 05:58 PM

Her Trek has the arch I just need to consider all the variables when I order something. Thanks for the input, all.


Altair 4 10-05-12 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by qcpmsame (Post 14811467)
Her Trek has the arch I just need to consider all the variables when I order something. Thanks for the input, all.


See my previous post for add'l info. My hybrid (Novara Forza) has an RST suspension fork. On the rear of the arch of the fork over the wheel, see if you have a threaded hole. This only goes part-way into the arch. IIRC, this takes an M6 threaded bolt. I wrote to RST about using that hole for a fender and they said, yep, go ahead, just don't over-tighten the bolt and hitting the bottom as you could crack the casting. So be careful - I cut down a stainless bolt with a dremel cutting wheel to make sure that I didn't do something stupid.

I really like my SKS fenders. I got them in silver (with the black stripes) and they match up nicely with my silver frame with black trim (handlebar, fork and rims). I'll post a photo tomorrow.

qcpmsame 10-05-12 07:44 PM

Thanks for the gouge on the RST fork set and fender mounting Altair, Her fork is as you described for your set. I have several boxes of various grade and material bolts and screws from our MX racing days as well as a Dremel tool and bits. Sounds like something I might consider. Going to let her pick form several types this weekend and order some for her. Appreciate everyone's help and input, very much.


Altair 4 10-06-12 02:16 PM

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I hope this helps: here is a shop drawing I got from an RST catalog and a photo of the front fender installation:

Altair 4 10-06-12 02:37 PM

(Almost) final product; the mudflap isn't installed on the front fender in this shot:

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