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RonH 10-09-12 07:24 AM

Happy Birthday BluesDawg
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Hope you have a great day. :thumb:

NOS88 10-09-12 07:30 AM

Let me echo Ron's wishes.


BTW, what does a retired guy do on his first birthday after retirement?

DnvrFox 10-09-12 07:41 AM

Happy Birthday, also. I count you as one of the most "esteemed" participants of 50+, and a person who has met and conquered tremendous health challenges.

big john 10-09-12 07:43 AM

Happy birthday, BD, and many more.

qcpmsame 10-09-12 07:46 AM

A very Happy Birthday to you BD, I hope the day is a great one for you. Your courage in facing the health challenges you have had are an inspiration to me.


stapfam 10-09-12 07:57 AM

Many happy returns for the day.

cranky old dude 10-09-12 07:59 AM


Dan Burkhart 10-09-12 08:16 AM


Have a great day. Hope you're going to get in a birthday ride.

howsteepisit 10-09-12 09:28 AM

How's that birthday ride going?. I expect a full pie report when finished

Happy B'day

Sculptor7 10-09-12 09:30 AM

Happy Birthday!

bjjoondo 10-09-12 09:45 AM

:bday: Happy Birthday, have a most excellent day! :D

shadoman 10-09-12 10:14 AM

Happy Birthday !!!

Louis 10-09-12 11:45 AM

Happy Birthday Blues Dawg.:beer:

Bikey Mikey 10-09-12 11:49 AM

az_cyclist 10-09-12 12:20 PM

Happy Birthday :)

CraigB 10-09-12 01:05 PM

Happy birthday, BD! Hope the day is everything you wish for.

Timtruro 10-09-12 03:05 PM

All the best on your birthday! Have some pie!

El Segundo 10-09-12 04:05 PM

Happy birthday BluesDawg! Hope you have had a great day.

miss kenton 10-09-12 05:11 PM

BD, I hold you in such high regard, I am attaching the same gift I give all my friends for their birthdays. Enjoy:

JanMM 10-09-12 07:33 PM

Happy BD, BD!

Banded Krait 10-09-12 07:36 PM

Happy Birthday, BluesDawg!

Doohickie 10-09-12 09:11 PM

Happy Birthday, BluesDawg. Actually, we share a birthday.

AND because of that, I can now legally post in this forum. That's right... this is the big 5-0 for me.

BluesDawg 10-10-12 04:23 AM

Thank you all for the birthday wishes (though I could have stood going another 57 years without seeing that video :eek:).

Happy Birthday to the youngster, Doohickie. :bday:

Working at the bike shop got in the way of doing my age ride on my actual birthday, but I plan to get the ride in on Thursday. I enjoyed a steak dinner with my wife, my parents, my sons and the elder son's girlfriend. No pie, but there was a very nice ice cream sundae treat for the birthday boy at the restaurant.

Doohickie 10-10-12 11:21 AM

I'm planning a half-century birthday pie ride, but probably won't do it until November due to life and stuff.

BluesDawg 10-12-12 09:19 AM

I got the ride in yesterday. Actually two rides, a 31 mile dirt road ride on the monstercross bike and a 28 mile road ride on the Roubaix. No pics but took some video that I may have ready to upload in a day or so.

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