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big john 10-24-12 04:54 PM

L.A. Wheelmen 4 or 5 counties ride
I've been doing this loop since the 80s but it's been 2 years since the last time. Anyway it was great weather and I felt pretty good, which was nice.
It's 88 miles with under 8000 feet of climbing and the winds can be strong.

I didn't take pics but have some old ones. Here, some of the guys are at around mile 10 in a residential area.

A little later.

We descend out of the forest on a 23 mile drop with a few bumps along the way. Here is one around mile 20.

big john 10-24-12 05:03 PM

After the long drop there are a bunch of false flats. These areas take a lot out of me if I try to hammer, so I just try to cruise to the lunch stop. The lunch is at a fire station miles from anything. Here, Vertical Bob is relaxing.

After lunch the long climb starts and continues up to mile 70. It is quiet and beautiful out there.

Here is a shot looking back from the top of that climb.

After that there are some smaller climbs and some fantastic scenery.

Truly a great ride, but a little harder than it looks on paper. The Wheelmen only charge $20 for the excellent support so it can't be beat, imho.

Oh, and I rode the Seven, so I have done the loop on 5 different bikes, I think.

rubic 10-24-12 06:13 PM

Great pics, big john, and great memories. I have been on this ride in the past, very past, and it is wonderful. I am motivated to ride it next year. Thanks for the memories.

big john 10-24-12 07:54 PM

They didn't run it for a few years but started back 4 or 5 years ago. This time they weren't sure if they were going to have enough volunteers so they didn't announce until very late. Only 38 riders came to the start, which was fine with me and most everyone seemed to have a great time, except the three who turned back early and the three who sagged in from the lunch stop.
Some of us have done it unsupported when the weather is cool enough, it's easier now that there is a c-store out on hwy 33.

az_cyclist 10-25-12 09:00 AM

Great pics and it looks like a great ride. I will take this opportunity to say what a great job the LA Wheelmen do to host the Grand Tour each June. I hope I get the opportunity to ride it for many years to come.

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