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Sculptor7 11-04-12 12:38 PM

Only 18 miles today in 45 degree weather.
Enjoyable short ride on a bright sunny day. When I think of where I was last year at this time (just beginning to recover from a fall at home) I can't help but be pleased that I am able to enjoy riding even though my yearly mileage will be little more than half of the previous year. It is all relative. When you are not sure you will ride at all again 2500 miles seems pretty satisfying.

bwfox 11-04-12 01:17 PM

I have always been a recreational cyclist. Some years there was great mileage. Other years there were other passions that intervened. This year started with my amputation on Jan.6th, which brought with it a renewed passion for cycling. It has been a whole nother chapter. I cannot compare yet to what I used to do, but I get a lot of satisfaction in what I have done this year. Many times, the smiles after a 15-20 mile ride are greater than a century used to be...

stapfam 11-04-12 03:54 PM

Looks as though this winter will be the same as last year for me. Weather seems to be playing a greater part in what I do on the bike than in previous years. We used to have relatively dry winters and without the wind that seems to be around now but rides last year were dependant on what the weather would allow. I never used to mind rain but why did it always arrive at the weekends. Wind was never a problem unless it came with rain and for the cold I have plenty of the right clothing for all temps.

However last year and the wind came and we also had cold weather that lasted for longer. Not much fun riding in cold weather in a "Damp" air and you can't feel your fingers or your toes---And that was with the winter warm socks and gloves. I actually cut a few rides short due to the cold and I can't remember that happening before.

This summer has not been much better with rain and floods but come what may- I am determined to get out on the bike this winter whenever the weather will allow. Found a few sheltered routes this summer that will help with the wind and providing the rain doesn't come at the same time I should be able to get fitter for when spring comes. Don't care if it is only shorter rides than I usually take providing I don't have that "out of condition" when our summer does come. Last year that was a couple of weeks in April and May so hopefully I will be ready for it.

Bikey Mikey 11-05-12 03:10 PM

I did 32 miles this early am, 04:40 at the start with the temp starting at 38F and ending around 36F(subtract about 4 or 5 degrees for wind chill--more considering I'm increasing the wind chill factor). I've definitely need to use the chemical toe and hand warmers this winter when it gets low--hands and toes were really cold around 16 or so miles but pushed on for the 32 miles at least. I wanted to do 42, but just had to stop for my hands and toes.

@Step, I remember when I lived in England(mid 70s), Cambridgeshire(Hemingford Grey), how you just couldn't really dress against the damp cold.

lhbernhardt 11-05-12 05:40 PM

This past weekend in the Pacific Northwest was a mixed bag.

Saturday was a typical Pac NW HTFU day. Hard rain all day, no sign of it abating, so I ventured out at 11 am. Still kind of warm (12 deg C), so I wore my old racing rain jacket, as my new Showers Pass jacket makes my arms sweat. Big mistake - it leaks, so I was half-soaked when I reached the gf's house. She wasn't home, so I couldn't stop and have tea and change into the dry t-shirt, so I continued on. Put in 3 hours, 70 km on the fixed gear, totally soaked by the time I got home, but I was going fast enough that I didn't get really cold.

Sunday the rain held off, but it was a tiny bit cooler. Wet roads, but I was warm the entire ride in the new Showers Pass Elite rain jacket. Wished I'd worn it the previous day, even though the arms of the jersey were wet from sweat. Three and a half hours this day, and not quite 80 km.


digibud 11-05-12 06:47 PM

20 mi is a reasonably long ride for me now that I'm on 2.25" studded tires. Did 20mi yesterday and between the studs and rolling on snow at times it took me about 2 hours. Roughly half the speed compared to summer riding with my road bike. At +10F I can't push really hard and work up a good sweat but I still can keep up a decent pace to maintain some semblance of fitness till summer returns.

DnvrFox 11-05-12 07:02 PM

Why do we always say "only" xx miles?" a "short" ride, et.

Be proud of your rides. Don't put them or yourself down!!

You have done amazingly well since your near death fall. Yes, Yen's father-in-law died in a similar accident.

jon c. 11-05-12 07:24 PM

Beautiful weather in north Florida this weekend (we're in the middle of our version of Fall), but I bailed on riding last week when it was only 55. I'll ride in January at that temperature with no problem, but I'm not ready for it yet.

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