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Gerryattrick 11-14-12 03:02 PM

How do you make the gym interesting?
I started a thread a few weeks ago about possibly returning to the the gym as rehab for a series of knee injuries. I got the go-ahead from my physio and joined my local gym last week. I've been four times so far.

I went to the gym regularly for ten years, but then boredom set in and I lost interest when I started cycling again. The last four sessions have reminded me why I gave it up and I go without any enthusiasm. I've never liked exercise for it's own sake and dislike the constant music background, the multi-televisions ( :50: ) and exercising indoors.

I'm not going to give it up and will continue for a few months as it's essential to build up the strength in my left leg, especially as cycling is limited during the winter.

How do members of this forum maintain their interest in the gym?

Dan Burkhart 11-14-12 03:09 PM

Umm, girls.:D

CbadRider 11-14-12 03:16 PM

I bok a trainer for workout sessions. If I don't show up I still have to pay, so I show up. She also has me do different things each week which keeps it interesting.

Gravity Aided 11-14-12 04:23 PM

A little personal DVD player is a nice feature on some of the exercise bikes at the gym. Useful for watching training tapes, or American Flyers.

ericm979 11-14-12 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 14948429)
I bok a trainer for workout sessions.

There's a few statuesque blonde trainers at my gym that I'd like to bok but I'm just there to do my weight workout.

I'm easily bored by indoor exercise. However seeing improvement is motivating. As is the avoidance of pain- if I don't work on my core things start hurting. It takes a few weeks each time I start after a layoff before I get into it and see some improvement.

peckma 11-14-12 05:09 PM

Plan what you're going to do, and how much time, before going to the gym. When I'm not on the bike, I'm generally in the gym 2-3x a week for one hour to one 1/2 hours (excluding shower time). 10 minutes warm up on elliptical or similar device, 10-15 minutes of foam rolling and other stretching, then 30-45 minutes of weights. Plan to do 3-6 different exercises in that time frame 3-4 sets each. Hit a different body part with each execise. Keep moving - limit rest time between sets. Keep a journal of your activities -it gives you something to do between sets, plus allows you to keep track of your workouts.

Then leave. By limiting your time in the gym, and maximizing what you do when you're there, you should cut down on the boredom factor.

Oh, and girls help, too.

Terex 11-14-12 06:12 PM

Young, 6 ft.+ tall women on either side of you in spin class. Yes, it really happened to me.

Louis 11-14-12 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by ericm979 (Post 14948737)
There's a few statuesque blonde trainers at my gym that I'd like to bok but I'm just there to do my weight workout.

:lol:. . . :roflmao2:. . .:innocent:

Kactus 11-14-12 08:01 PM

Uhhh... maybe her???

Dudelsack 11-14-12 08:31 PM


How do you make a trip to the dentist fun and exciting?

Question: how would you treat a dog with constipation?

Answer: why would you want to?

MinnMan 11-14-12 09:52 PM

The only thing that helps a little is an iPod with good music of my choosing. Were it not for that, I could not get through a work out. I despise the video screens and do everything I can so my position is not facing one of them. Why in the world do people watch Sportcenter anyway?

But I've only been to the gym ONCE this fall! I'm going out riding at night, instead. At some point foul weather will force me back to the gym, but not this week, anyway....

stapfam 11-15-12 01:22 AM

Two things- I look forward to the Sauna at the end of the session and the Indian take-away to replace the lost energy .

Gerryattrick 11-15-12 03:51 AM

Most of the replies seem to involve looking at women and while I've no problem with this in theory, at the early morning time I go to the gym it's full of wrinkled old farts like me or equally wrinkly old women.

chasm54 11-15-12 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by Gerryattrick (Post 14950290)
Most of the replies seem to involve looking at women and while I've no problem with this in theory, at the early morning time I go to the gym it's full of wrinkled old farts like me or equally wrinkly old women.

Which at least protects you from descending into the fantasy life that seems to sustain some here...

I too dislike the canned music and multi-media stuff. When I use gyms (I don't, usually, but have been going for rehab for an injury) I keep it pretty short. Cardio exercise can always be done outdoors, in our climate, so mostly there's no need to spend ages on treadmills or stationary bikes. And core stability stuff can just as easily be done at home. Weights routines are brief, by and large. So my routine during rehab was run to the gym (about a mile) do precisely the resistance exercises I had planned - usually no more than 30-40 minutes - and run home. Even I can put up with something tedious for a half-hour at a time. After all, I used to work for a living.

missjean 11-15-12 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by Gerryattrick (Post 14948357)

How do members of this forum maintain their interest in the gym?

By not going.

Garfield Cat 11-15-12 07:33 AM

Post our desires on eharmony.

DnvrFox 11-15-12 07:40 AM

I gave a serious answer - which I deleted when it finally got through to me that this was supposed to be a "funny" thread. Shame on me.

Gerry - If you would like to know some of my serious suggestions, please pm me and I will be pleased to share what works for me.

Gerryattrick 11-15-12 07:51 AM

Serious suggestions will be listened to as well as the humorous ones. I do want to make the next few months seem less of a chore.

jdon 11-15-12 08:21 AM

I prefer doing cardio in my own world so an appropriate music or training MP3 playing keeps me inspired. I prefer the resistance training to be with a friend of equal ability. The company takes the mundane out of it. While I love the feminine form, I don't go to the gym for it.

jmccain 11-15-12 08:26 AM

In addition to the physical exercise, I use indoor training for mental workouts too. It's a good time to improve focus and concentration - HTFU for the brain.

I tell myself that boredom is for the unimaginative.

Frankfast 11-15-12 08:29 AM

Because my ride has become stressful because of the fear of crazy drivers on cellphones, I've decide to take my exercise to the gym during the week and ride only on weekends when there are more bicyclists on the road. I'm hoping the music on my ipod will keep me from getting bored.

Allegheny Jet 11-15-12 09:14 AM

My core and resistance work is done in my basement with just me, the equipment, balls and boxes. The potential of 6' blonde Amazon babes could tempt me to a gym membership.

pbass 11-15-12 10:48 AM

I was a regular gym rat for 30 years--boxing and weights--the longest I ever stayed away was maybe 2 weeks if I had a bad flu or something. But I had a hernia surgery in June and stopped going obviously and it dawned on me that I had been totally bored with the gym for the last 10+ years! I haven't been back since--just been cycling 4 times a week, swimming, and light weights/medicine balls at home--couldn't be happier. There was this one blonde though.....

locolobo13 11-15-12 10:57 AM

If possible work out at home. If you're going to strength long term a home setup is more cost effective. If you're only going to train for a few months then the gym makes more sense.

I also like the idea of having a plan, working the plan and leaving with a minimum of time wasted.

As mentioned fantasies can alleviate some of the boredom. :lol:

Condorita 11-16-12 10:21 AM

Music. Audio books. I was stunned to learn that my local 24-Hour Fitness had actually turned DOWN the in-house racket. I could hear my own music without having to crank the volume to 15 or some other non-existent level.

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