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stapfam 12-06-12 03:28 AM

Winter is a coming. OR N+2
We do not get much snow over here in the UK. A few places like the North of the country and Scotland may get a few days when the roads are impassable for vehicles but a thaw sets in to get rid of most of the stuff or the snow ploughs get out and clear the major routes.

So why is it that as we have a cold spell hit the UK-the first one of the year- the news is filled with terrific snowfall in the country? Seems that the slightest bit of the white stuff and it is a major disaster.:twitchy: They have had enough snow in the wilds of Scotland to get the Ski Season under way early but that is why the Ski resorts are where they are. But just because overnight there has been a couple of inches of snow in the countryside in places I have never heard of does not mean that we have a major disaster about to happen. OK- The mums may have a few accidents in their 4x4's taking the kids to school but that does not mean that the authorities have fallen down once again and failed to keep the Roads open so that their kids have to get cold and miserable by using their legs for the purpose they were intended for and walk the 1/2 mile to school.

Rant over but can see a lot more "Snow" news coming up as we are in a cold spell right now. Won't go into the number of times I had to drive 20 miles to get home in over a foot of snow and ice covered roads just to make certain that I did not have to fork out for a hotel for the night.

Can't say I am looking forward to this winter as my foul weather tolerance has gone. 25F this morning and no snow but plenty of frost and Ice on the roads. It won't get above freezing till early afternoon and by then Rain is expected. The temps aren't due to rise much over the next few days so I have had to resort to bringing bikes indoors to check and adjust a few things on it. Have a new set of stickers to go on them and I will be setting these bikes up for the early training rides just after Christmas when the weather should be better. At least I know the crank and chains won't need any looking at so providing all goes right-I can get both finished by this afternoon.

Wonder how long it will be before I have to Hide the tool box before Oakley needs to repair his bike?

qcpmsame 12-06-12 06:07 AM

Hmmmm, looks like you are the proud grandfather to a couple of hipsters, no front brake and single speed (full chat all the time.) No arguments about clips v. clipless pedals though, maybe a discussion with granddad about which seat to use. Oh a fitting session is in order you know. Hide the tool box now, little boys love to disassemble things first off.

The weather, we have fun with the Weather channel here, they regularly begin the "disaster" chant a few days before any snow event so their ratings will go up. No big deal for us, just weak entertainment.

Have fun with the grandkids, Stap, you know you love every minute of them being around.


jdon 12-06-12 06:54 AM

Variable stand over height! Nice.

stapfam 12-07-12 01:33 AM

Got them built up and I am glad I know my way around a bike and can repair and work on them. Thy come part assembled and the basic assembly was fine but the headset would not tighten down. The clamp was not locating low enough to hold the bars tight--Easily fixed and now perfect.

Rear brake and on one bike one of the shafts was seized solid and would not move. Eased it off and the locking compound for the fixing bolt has seeped onto the bush and welded it tight. Lots of cleaning and lubricating and it was now running free. Then the next problem on both bikes and rear wheel was out of true. Brake was either not working or rubbing on the rim. 20 minutes later and two perfect rear wheels- brakes working well enough and bikes ready for testing. 20 minutes again and the fronts were true.

These were not cheap bikes and the standard of build and quality is good. Unfortunately they are assembled by morons in eastern Europe who hope they will not come back for warranty work. Contacted the supplier and he said he would replace the bikes for me with a pair that will be built up and fully assembled- but I now have them running perfectly so won't take him up on his offer.

qcpmsame 12-07-12 06:22 AM

Okay, you need to order a Cane Creek headset, X2, a set of Dura Ace rear brakes with non shifting brake lever, maybe a TT lever would do it for them. A set of Zipp or Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels and say a set of Pro4 Michelin tyres for each one. Then they would be ready for the local club road rides with you!


RonH 12-07-12 08:16 AM

Looks like you'll be getting a good cardio workout trying to keep up with the grandkids. :thumb:

How long before they ask you to flip the stem? ;)

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