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stapfam 12-08-12 04:23 AM

Winter is a coming--Part Deux.
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It is cold over here- even in the South East so frosty mornings and the forecast is as to how much colder it is going to be next week. Inevitably the white stuff is expected to fall and we "May" get a few wintry showers midweek. Scotland and the East side of the country are expecting snow but looking at the forecast- the day time temps should melt most of it.

So in preparation I have been looking to convert one of the bikes for the "Expected" snow. Several options but I think I will just wait for enough snow to fall and get the MTB out on the hills for a bit of fun.

So just afew pics of ideas that others have just so they can enjoy the snow for the few days we will have it.

So what are you going to do when the weather says you should be hibernating this year.

David Bierbaum 12-08-12 07:17 AM

That Sno-mobike doesn't look too stable to me! :)

TomD77 12-08-12 07:46 AM

I see flakes here in Florida all the time but it never snows.

qcpmsame 12-08-12 08:11 AM

+1 Tom, and with the mid 70'd we have been having I do not see any snowfall this year, or next. Although we have a blue norther headed our way early next week with a strong temperature gradient from front to back. I guess the tights and arm warmers are coming out.


Barrettscv 12-08-12 08:24 AM

No reason to stop riding;

Retro Grouch 12-08-12 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by TomD77 (Post 15028656)
I see flakes here in Florida all the time but it never snows.

I was looking at the snow blade on the whatever-it-is. I'm thinking that it probably lacks the power to move any real amount snow.

freedomrider1 12-08-12 08:44 AM

That is a very i was going to say cool pic,but i wil say neat pic Barrettscv

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