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HawkOwl 12-13-12 11:39 AM

Security: Paranoia is a Good Thing
I'm thankful my paranoia has set up Outlook to not download images. Also, that I don't click on images or links in emails unless I'm expecting the email.

This morning I received an email from "Citi Cards" saying I owed over 8,000 dollars and giving my minimum payment, etc. and telling me I could view the statement online. Pretty standard stuff, eh? Except that I don't have a Citi Card.

Looked up the bank's number and called them. Their rep said they have been pestered all day (Kentucky time) with calls. It is phishing. "But don't open the images. They have a virus in them".

Paranoia pays!

mapeiboy 12-13-12 01:44 PM

Good advice . You just can't be too careful these days specially holiday season where people are running around with head cut off .

rdtompki 12-13-12 04:14 PM

There has been a recent barrage of exactly that sort of junk e-mail. Outlook blocks 99.5% of it, but my web client isn't quite so discerning.

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