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stapfam 12-16-12 04:36 PM

SP12-Spoiler if any of you want to know the result
Or Sports Personality of the year by the BBC in the UK

Won't go further and if any of you want to watch on your Terrestial TV--Don't open the link.

JanMM 12-16-12 05:27 PM

You ruined it for me!:lol: Good for him and his sport.

climberguy 12-16-12 06:11 PM

No surprises there, and well-deserved.

NOS88 12-16-12 06:42 PM

Good choice, IMO.

qcpmsame 12-16-12 06:44 PM

Certainly not surprised at this, the season was as good as it gets for them. Deserved it, too.


Bikey Mikey 12-16-12 07:14 PM

Well, duh. Well deserved--of course I admit limited knowledge of UK athletes

stapfam 12-17-12 02:05 AM

Sports personality and this year 11 of the 12 nominated were from the Olympics. Several from Cycling and although I applaud what he has done- The winner was not my expected winner. Yes he has achieved a lot in the last year but I felt that others had achieved more And probably caught the public's attention more than he had.

Still no "Spoiler" unless you open the link to give some of you a chance to watch the result on your own media.

qcpmsame 12-17-12 06:11 AM

That is a pretty impressive group of nominees for the award. The winning percentage was a good ways above second place, considering the number of people in the running. I believe I know your pick for Sportsman of the Year after seeing the list, too.


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