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plodderslusk 12-22-12 12:45 PM

OT, Youtube fun
Started out finding the Pogues singing about Christmas and New York, fumbled around with the Dubliners and ended up with an old TV clip with the Clancy brothers. There was a bike in the studio (Sean Kelly-related)and the singing is just great so here it is :

stapfam 12-22-12 03:24 PM

I have certain songs on youtube that I have placed there for the simple reason I like them. Lot of military music with the Band(s) of the Royal Marines being high on the list. Status Quo are my favourite "Pop" group and plenty in my library. Then there are the Blues singers and through the older exponents of the Blues I have found a lot of the origins of the music I was playing in the 60's. John Lee Hooker is way up there along with Leadbelly but never realised till youtube how much the blues influenced British Pop of the late 50's into the 60's.

But I don't go into my music library unless I know I have a couple of hours to listen to it. I keep getting sidetracked into finding new artists to me that I want to know more about.

Bikey Mikey 12-22-12 05:55 PM

OMG! Love that song. I have a lot of Celtic, Irish, folk, etc music on CDs and Mp3s.

Dudelsack 12-22-12 06:56 PM

I love this song. I remember watching it in 1977 on the tube. Apologies to those with scruples, but it is pretty funny I think.

HawkOwl 12-22-12 07:07 PM

Thanks for posting. Enjoyable music. Interesting to see how the audience is costumed. Probably more neckties and dressy dresses in that audience than in some cities today.

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