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jppe 12-24-12 08:44 AM

Nice Surprise-Weight really dropping
I guess the 100 milers are really paying off after all. I've lost 6 lbs since Thanksgiving mostly due to doing the 100 milers every week. I've also noticed that my appetite has also been curbed so things are definitely headed in the right direction. I've always been challenged to just hold my weight at a constant level during the holidays and to have it actually drop 6 lbs is very encouraging. I know it's more than just water weight being lost as the weight is coming off and staying off.......and not vacillating up and down from day to day. I've even enjoyed a daily serving or two of cherry pie and also added a few potato chips to my snacks just for self fulfillment and the weight continues to drop. I guess that just shows how much weight I had and still have to lose.

Now, If I can get those 10 additional pounds off along with my new lightweight bike maybe the hills wont be so menacing come spring!

Five centuries over 5 weeks. One more to go next weekend.

Saturday it was 29 degrees when we started. I could tell pretty quickly I had actually overdressed.....The group was probably 1/2 or less it's normal size. When we finished I think the temps were in the low-mid forties. The wind was not quite as bad as I expected. When I got home after the ride I had to spread 55 bales of pine straw. Ugh.

Mort Canard 12-24-12 08:53 AM

Gotta love it! Since I got serious about cycling again, I very rarely need to feel guilty about the amount I am eating. I don't eat as much as I used to and what I eat I do a good job of burning off.

qcpmsame 12-24-12 08:53 AM

Well done, Jppe, this time of the year is a challenge for all of us with the food abundance and having to lose weight or for medical problems. I just steel myself and take the smallest portion I can of the safe foods for my restrictions. there are enough tasty things available so I never feel left out. It is convincing my mom and mother-in-law I have eaten enough to be satisfied or that I just cannot have that rich, high-salt or sugar item. Merry Christmas to you.


Bikey Mikey 12-24-12 10:01 AM

Good Job on the weight loss AND doing that many 100 milers every week.

stapfam 12-24-12 04:39 PM

Bit early to post this thread isn't it? all those mine pies and Christmas pud to come tomorrow and I expect a post to say that you have to get out riding more.

Just been invited on a ride for next year- Eastbourne to Bath in two days for my SiL's company between the two branches and it is 189 miles so up to your training rides.

I have volunteered to run the sag wagon.

Banded Krait 12-24-12 10:07 PM


Taking up cycling in a serious way has reinforced something which I already knew: We can't violate the laws of physics. If you are burning more calories than you are taking in, you will lose weight. If not, you will gain weight. Any claim to the contrary is just wishful thinking.

As I increased my mileage while training for my first century ride this past September, I could feel my pants getting looser and looser. I just had my yearly physical exam last week, and found out I am nearly down to what I weighed in high school! So hard aerobic exercise like cycling is definitely good for weight management, as long as you don't go wild while not cycling.

GeorgeBMac 12-25-12 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by jppe (Post 15083125)
... I've also noticed that my appetite has also been curbed ...

It is one of my pet peeves that we know so very little about appetite and hunger... What makes us hungry? The popular idea is that the stomach is empty. But, like all sensations and emotions and thoughts, it is a function of hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals interacting with the neurons and organs of the body. It is why we crave carbs after a poor night of sleep and why McDonald's knows that people get addicted to their high fat meals ...

I too experience the same as jppe mentioned-- the more I ride, the less hungry I feel.
... I know it's true, but I don't understand why...

And as Bill mentioned in his post: you adapt to your diet and it becomes increasingly more appealing. For myself, I started on a mostly vegetarian diet 15 years ago. Today, the high fat, rich, gravy laden restaurant meals are not as appealing to me as a simple meal of fresh steamed vege's with a little butter and salt ...
... I know that my tastes have changed and what used to be "good" is no longer good and what was "bland" is no longer bland.

... We think that we are advanced medically. Actually, we are just scratching the surface of the immense complexity of the human body.

John E 12-25-12 11:05 AM

I maintain my undergrad weight pretty well and easily, despite having a rather low metabolic rate, with a basal temperature as low as 35C = 95F and averaging 36C = 97F. My father and his father were obese and Type II diabetic, and I do not need that.

There is nothing like sustained aerobic exercise, coupled with a diet which virtually eliminates junk food, particularly soft drinks, doughnuts, and refined sugar and flour. I get most of my protein from plant sources. I also choose to abstain from alcoholic beverages, with the added benefit of avoiding those calories.

bobthib 12-26-12 11:55 AM

my wife and i have great success with a low carb/high fat diet. she has lost 19 lbs since june, and i lost 13 in 3 months and have been holding at 165. also got off statins and bp meds. she only has 50 carbs or less a day, and i do about 200.

be careful of gu and other carb laden drinks and stuff. i dare say most of us think we need to eat like the pros, but we dont. i was puzzled why i was riding 150-200 mi a week, but was stuck at 175 and had hi cholesterol, c reacrive protien, and bp. it was carbs.


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