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howsteepisit 12-24-12 04:55 PM

100K for New Years Day
Well its that time of year when hope springs eternal. Accuweather says that the weather for the next week and a half is supposed to turn sunny after the normal gloom and rain for the next couple of days. I was riding today and thought that a 100 k for new years day has a nice ring to it, so thats my plan, whats yours?

stapfam 12-28-12 03:04 AM

New years day used to be an Epic ride for my group. When I was mountain biking it was a 30 to 40 mile ride up the hills but one major problem was that the cafe in the forest was closed. We had to take our own breakfast but Sausage rolls and a hip flask of Brandy never did go down right. It normally used to coincide with below freezing temps so not much effort was put into the riding with us dressed as Michelin Men. Rarely used to see other riders out either so perhaps we were as mad as our non- riding mates thought we were.

But last few years and the weather has been against us. I don't mind riding in rain- cold or wind but put two of them together and I stay at home. This year looks wet and windy but I'll see nearer the day.

qcpmsame 12-28-12 07:47 AM

I stopped the big New Years Day ride in 1979 when we had a century scheduled and I was in charge. A front came through New Years Eve and the temperature that morning was 15*F with strong winds. Only 4 other riders showed up for the event, Monica was driving the sag wagon, and man was it ever cold. I took my bike off of the rack to ride with the others, out of shame for being in the warm car. We did about 25 miles outbound and ice kept forming on our faces. We called it a day and rode about 10 more miles in a straight path back to the vehicles and went home to thaw out. Never again will I do that stunt, I live in Florida for a reason and frost bite is not why.


RonH 12-28-12 07:56 AM

Supposed to be 76F (25C) here. I may have to join the crowd.

Dudelsack 12-28-12 09:12 AM

50 miler tentatively planned for the 3rd. Whether I do it or not depends on how nasty it is out. If it's dry and above 25F I'll probably give it a go.

irwin7638 12-28-12 11:09 AM

I always ride on the 1st. How far depends on the weather. If there is a blizzard, I may not get farther than a coffee shop, if it's just cold, blowing and icy, I may do 50 or so. As you might guess, I usually end up doing it alone.


10 Wheels 12-28-12 11:22 AM

101.55 mile ride last Jan 01, 2012
101.71 Jan 05th
105.75 Jan 07th

Weather seems iffy for 2013 being cold and wet.

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