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Tom Stormcrowe 02-27-13 02:10 PM

*****The Tone In Here.....All 50+ Members read, please...
Perhaps y'all genuinely don't realize it, but the tone on 50+ has gotten a bit hostile to new members, and gotten a whole lot cliquish. This isn't good for the forum. A bit of conflict and edge is a good thing, it keeps things from getting boring, but it's getting too heavy for a healthy balance n the forum, so I'm asking all of you to tone it down a bit. I'm not going to name any names, or target specific members as long as it eases back a bit on the issue I'm talking about. Specifically, rather than healthy critiques, we're seeing members belittling other members because of disagreement, and that is not cool, nor is it "legal" under the guidelines.

We are going to be stepping up moderator presence in here, and you are gong to be seeing mods you do not know. That's life. We aren't going to be doing anything but enforce the terms of service all of you agreed to.

Think about how what you are planning to post is going to be perceived by the other side of the equation.....and the "You need to get a thicker skin" attitude isn't going to cut you any need to get a thicker skin if you feel offended because yuou got a warning or infraction from what you posted.

Now, before anyone screams about free speech......this is a moderated board with rules of operation. There is no "free speech". You do not have the right to not be offended, but you also do not have the right to go out of your way to be offensive to others, either.

With a little cooperation, on all sides, we can get 50+ back to the friendly place it's supposed to be.

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