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qcpmsame 04-30-14 08:17 PM

Thanks, BD, I couldn't remember which one I signed up for:rolleyes:. Check your Endo friend requests when you get a chance.


jskash 04-30-14 08:38 PM

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Balsawings 04-30-14 11:00 PM

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Key Largo, Florida, yesterday afternoon.


Biker395 05-01-14 08:30 AM

Key Largo, eh? Always wanted to visit there, and wondered what it's like. Post up some other pix if you got 'em!

Biker395 05-01-14 12:34 PM

Wildflowers along the bike path this AM. I've missed my commute!

oldnslow2 05-01-14 12:56 PM

Biker395 05-02-14 09:12 AM

Playing around with the camera today. Set for a slow shutter speed and hoped for the best. It came out better than I expected!

dalameda 05-02-14 09:22 AM

Sometimes its not what happens on the bike that tells the story. I did the Wildflower Century last weekend, and it was a tad wet. This is the lunch stop, which featured a very popular "Heated Room". As we were sitting around munching on some quite delicious food, one of the volunteers came through and reported that the road was dry the rest of the way in.

While not nearly as glamorous as biker 395's ride to work, this is a shot along my commute, showing the San Francisco skyline from across the bay in Alameda.

Biker395 05-02-14 01:59 PM

^ Nice!

It wasn't really so glamorous on the way home last evening. I had a 15 MPH headwind and this to boot:

jppe 05-05-14 11:09 AM

so you are back on the bike?

Biker395 05-05-14 11:33 AM

Yep. Commuted to and from work Thursday and Friday and did a short 30 mile 1700 footer on Sunday.

I was a little sore Sunday afternoon, so I decided to drive today. I really, really, really don't want to relapse. :(

BluesDawg 05-07-14 06:36 AM

Biker395 05-08-14 09:49 AM

Playing around with color splashing:

cccorlew 05-08-14 09:54 AM

In my photo class we call that the "cheeseball effect."

Biker395 05-08-14 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by cccorlew (Post 16740346)
In my photo class we call that the "cheeseball effect."

Mmmmm. Cheese. <drool> :D

h2oxtc 05-08-14 09:35 PM

I couldn't resist the photo op. My wife's recent N+1.

Sixty Fiver 05-08-14 09:46 PM

Mom's little helper...

wnl256 05-09-14 09:59 AM

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My photo of the week.... as in, it's been a week and I still don't have a replacement. Ordered one from the LBS, which supposedly arrived this morning.

ksmoondoggie 05-09-14 08:02 PM

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Stopped briefly to enjoy the view and take a pic on my regular lake ride today.

h2oxtc 05-10-14 08:40 PM

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Made it home just as the first rain drops began to fall. I'm glad to report from inside where it's warm and dry we missed the big storm with lots of wind and rain. Oddly however, the sun is shining now even as it continues to rain.

cccorlew 05-11-14 09:52 AM
Just hanging out in the middle of the road
by ccorlew, on Flickr

Biggest frog I've ever seen. Note Roubaix in background!
Calavaras Road near San Jose.

qcpmsame 05-11-14 09:54 AM

He's probably headed to the Great Calavaras County Frog Jumping Contest, I understand Mark Twain was there once.


Biker395 05-11-14 12:45 PM

Whoa ... that sucker is huge!

groth 05-12-14 02:16 PM

Mother's day ride: My bike in front of Tumble Falls, just off Route 29 and north of Bulls Island near the Delaware River in NJ. There's a little water coming over the falls of you look closely. Have to have a downpour to for it to look like a real waterfall. This is the start of a short, but steep (12%) climb.

- Ed

qcpmsame 05-12-14 07:28 PM

Nice shot, it reminds me of the Frank Lloyd Wright home, Falling Water, with the stone "staircase effect". Looks like a prime ridng area from your picture.


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