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PhilWinIL 03-14-13 09:54 PM

Have been riding for a while
1 Attachment(s) were going through our mom's house after she went to a nursing home and came across some OLD pictures.

This is one of me on my first REAL bike, or at least it seemed to be at the time.

For an idea as to the date, the pict was taken on a Polaroid Swinger! :)

wphamilton 03-14-13 09:57 PM

Cool, to come across old pictures like that. Was the bike possibly a birthday present?

PhilWinIL 03-14-13 10:00 PM

Yep-it was a birthday present. My older brother gave me a push down the driveway that day, and have been riding since!

tim24k 03-15-13 04:35 AM

I started riding at age six. I put together my first bike from three bikes that I found at a house we rented at age ten. I then whet on to a paper rout at that age.

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