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wobblyoldgeezer 03-23-13 01:51 PM

Riding bikes other than one's own
I thought I'd wake up and post a new thread, recently requested, and hope it sparks some comment.

Like most here, I have some carefully chosen and much enjoyed bikes. They're in storage in UK. Spouse and I are travelling, and have included some bike riding since we left BAHRAIN in early January.

(I know this deserves photos - forgive me, I'm travelling with just a little device called a kindle and I'm not sure if sending photos is within its capabilities)

Anyway, so far bike rides have included Barclays rental bikes in London (heavy and a bit wonky but nice to spin alongside the Thames), a friend's Jamis Bosanova in the Yorkshire Dales (fantastic countryside,fantastic bike,suited me down to the ground), a dahon folder to explore Fort Lauderdale Fla. , (I was seriously impressed), unbranded beach cruisers in GRAN CAYMAN and Curacau (I was . Seriously unimpressed), a Trek District to explore Lima (great city, great city bike), a Trek somethingmountain bike to speed down a volcano off-road outside Arequipa Peru (fantastic day, but rather a tired bike), and most recently a Specialized downhill bike, maybe a Status??, to blast down the Camino del Muerte outside La Paz. Very confidence inspiring bike, which is just as well - steep and rocky unsurfaced road with 1000metre precipices, dropping from 4500 metres to 1450 metres over 62 kms. Whizzy.

And I've loved the variety of new bikes, many of styles and types I've never owned. Next will be a bike tour of the vineyards in Chile!

(I know I don't deserve it. But I' 've 25 years in offshore platforms and refineries in the Middle east to get over!)

(And in another thread - now 66 kilos. 78 when I left BAHRAIN!)

Retro Grouch 03-23-13 02:25 PM

Sounds like you're having fun. Isn't that what it's all about?

1nterceptor 03-23-13 02:40 PM

Sounds like you're having a fine adventure. :)

I also like to ride a bike when I travel. Bought a cheap
mountainbike when I went to the Philippines.

Borrowed a friend's mountainbike when I was in Holland:

Hid a folding bike in my luggage on my trip to China:

Borrowed my brother's Citizen foldingbike in California:

Rented a hybrid in Georgia:

Finally decided I needed a bike I can take on trips.
Purchased a Brompton foldingbike in Puerto Rico:

So finally I have a dedicated bike I can bring for trips,
either flying or driving. 2nd roadtrip with the Brompton:

GeorgeBMac 03-23-13 08:37 PM

I don't know how you landed all those different bikes -- but it sounds like one great experience.

Actually, I wish beginners could have that experience. It's so hard starting out. You can't ride till you buy yourself a bike -- but you don't know what you will like until you ride for awhile (preferably on different bikes in different settings)....

But, at any rate, it sounds like you have been having some really great experiences -- on and off the bike...

... But, like the saying goes: Pics or it didn't happen!

Dudelsack 03-24-13 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by 1nterceptor (Post 15422706)

Nice video, except you don't have enough grey hair for this forum.

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