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Shamrock 04-03-13 12:33 PM

Eastcoast Greenway
Anyone ride this?The pictures I see look great.But seeing some of the areas that this trail snakes through I wonder what they were thinking.Some of the neighborhoods are high crime-gang controlled in NJ anyway.I'm not saying the whole trail is dangerous,but a couple spots I would never ride through.

leob1 04-03-13 02:48 PM

I rode through the section in Trenton(the broken toilet that passes as our state capital) when it was first opened. It was a group ride sponsored by the Greenway, so it wasn't that bad. It did go through some parts that I wouldn't ride through alone unless it was early morning, or winter. But that is only a few miles, and if your with a group it isn't that bad. On the other hand, the route is much, much nicer not far out side of the city.

Shamrock 04-03-13 03:07 PM

I'D be interested in a group ride through the NJ section.If you hear of one please post.I'm going to try from below Newark in the Elizabeth area go south and turn around before Trenton.

jerseyJim 04-03-13 03:08 PM

I have ridden the Greenway from maybe Cranford through Rahway and south through Iselin and the D&R canal segment from New Brunswick down to Trenton. The D&R canal segment is very nice as long as you have a tire with a little meat to it. That section is all crushed stone and packed dirt with cobbled spillways here and there. The Cranford to Iselin section is ok. Mostly through parks and quiet streets and a few short bike paths here and there.

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