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billydonn 04-08-13 03:17 PM

We Have Lost A Great One
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Boys of the Baby Boom generation are grieving everywhere. I shall wear black on my ride today.... maybe all week. RIP Annette.:(

pursuance 04-08-13 04:09 PM

Godspeed indeed!

As a pre-teen we had no TV and I'd go to a neighbor's house to see her on the MMC Show.
A brave happy lady that lived with MS as well as anyone could. RIP

Bikey Mikey 04-08-13 04:45 PM

Yeah, she had MS but always seemed to have a positive outlook.

John_V 04-08-13 04:52 PM

My all-time favorite Mouseketeer. Waited all day to watch the MMC just so I could see her.

Artkansas 04-08-13 04:56 PM

Come on along and sing the song and join the jamboree.

Dudelsack 04-08-13 05:21 PM

We Have Lost A Great One
M-I-C. See you real soon.
K-E-Y. Why? Because we love you......

Zinger 04-08-13 06:08 PM

All those cool beach movies too.

RIP Annette

rubic 04-08-13 06:15 PM

Enjoy these memories.!

billydonn 04-08-13 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by rubic (Post 15486690)

Linky no workee.

Zinger 04-08-13 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by artkansas (Post 15486384)

come on along and sing the song and join the jamboree.



Sixty Fiver 04-08-13 08:53 PM

She carried herself with such grace and had such a positive attitude toward a disease that she knew would take her life... this made me a fan.

NOS88 04-09-13 06:37 AM

Seems we lose great ones every day... the downside of aging. We have decades of memories of others that brought smiles to us, and then they leave one-by-one. :(

Mort Canard 04-09-13 06:55 PM

Ah yes! The overdeveloped Mouseketeer! She started a whole generation of boys on the road to puberty!

John E 04-10-13 12:00 PM

This one hit a bit close to home, because I was a Mouse Club fan for awhile in 3rd grade and because my mother died of MS at age 66.

MS also took down one of the great names in bicycling -- Sheldon Brown. It hit him in his late 50s, and he was dead at 63. Fortunately I got to meet him on a business trip to Boston a few months before his symptoms became life-changing.

Jim from Boston 04-10-13 02:08 PM

Maybe I was too prepubescent to carry a torch for Annette, but I did recognize that she was a favorite, a veritable young “Queen” of the Mouseketeers.

One memory of the Mickey Mouse Club that occasionally recurs, especially over the past few years, was the closing remark at the end of the Newsreel segment, that it was dedicated to “You, the leaders of the 21st century." In the 1950's that sounded sooo futuristic. Even to this science geek, the 1986 return of Halley's Comet sounded so far off, yet now it's part of the good old days. :50:

BillyD 04-10-13 03:04 PM

I'm a little young for this forum, but I can see she was heartthrob material and I hear she was a very nice person. :)

cranky old dude 04-10-13 05:26 PM

It was with great sorrow and fear that my bride and I read the news of Annette Funicello's passing.

Our experience with M.S. is that it is a very difficult disease to comprehend, it is impossible to predict it's often changeable course, and is often mis-understood by the general populace. While I pray that Annette's loved ones can find peace, I also pray for comfort and solace for all the M.S. patients quietly battling their way through each and every day of their lives. Though not generally considered to be a fatal disease it is incurable and somewhat progressive for almost all who contract it. It is both a physically and phsycologicly painfull life and I consider M.S. patients to be heros. Annette was certainly one of those heros.

Zinger 04-11-13 02:36 PM

Lots of great Annette (in Bikini), cool comedic performances from the day aaaand....Candy Johnson who also passed away a few months ago,,,,,,Shake it down Candy !

Tom Stormcrowe 04-11-13 08:56 PM

I split the Maggie Thatcher stuff to here:

Let's keep this one Mousketeered, exclusively.

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