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Piratebike 04-09-13 04:10 PM

First of 2013
I would not say I am a dedicated rider. In fact I really just started back riding on any normal schedule last year. As the winter got colder I quit. Last night the weather made me want to get out and ride. I know it's nothing to you guys here that are dedicated but I rode 20 miles, felt good although I must admit I am sore today. But when I look around at most of my friends, there is not a one that could do that. It makes me feel good that even after a heart attack a few years ago, I am in better shape than my peers. I got to get back to a normal riding schedule.

volosong 04-09-13 04:23 PM

Welcome back (on the road). The winter lay-off has been really hard on me and my fitness. The time changed right after Halloween last year and it got cold at the same time. My mileage really dropped off, and as a result, I gained about 15 pounds. As you attest ... it feel real good to be back on two wheels.

qcpmsame 04-09-13 07:36 PM

Welcome back to the riding world, sounds as if you have built up some fitness and aerobic capacity that is sticking with you now. Just keep riding as much as you can and the soreness will go away as your body gets used to riding and the extra activity.


h2oxtc 04-09-13 10:08 PM

I love this time of year - the anticipation of more riding - I just wish it would quit raining long enough to get out and ride. (I'm a fair weather cyclist)

OP Good for you to get back riding again. I went with my 60+ yr old brother-in-law to buy a new bike last weekend. His first since the Gitane his dad bought him when he was a teenager. It's looking like it will be a good year for cycling.

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