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RonH 04-13-13 12:32 PM

I sabotaged myself.
I check my bike almost every ride (brakes, gears, tire wear, etc) but rarely check my cleats. :o
I got to the parking area at the north end of the Suncoast Trail today and got the bike out of the car, my helmet, etc. When I pulled my cleat cover off it didn't make the usual sound. I checked my Speedplay cleat and 2 of the 4 screws were missing. :eek: When did they come out?
So I loaded everything in the car and headed home. Luckily I had some extra screws and after cleaning up the shoes I replaced all 4 screws on both shoes. Now I'm good to go for next time. Guess I'l be checking the cleats a little more often. :rolleyes:

John_V 04-13-13 01:15 PM

That would suck if the other screws came out and your cleats were locked in but your feet weren't. Since my wife and I both ride on SPD pedals, I carry an extra set of cleats and screws in the van as you never know when you will need to replace them.

Zinger 04-13-13 01:47 PM

Hmm. Good tip. Carry little pack of spare screws with my stuff behind the saddle.

robtown 04-13-13 03:19 PM

I've had cleat screws come loose so that the cleat would move and not let me un-clip from the pedal. That was not pleasant.

tspeters 04-13-13 04:18 PM

Try a drop of Lock Tite blue on each screw. That's what I did.

Looigi 04-13-13 04:20 PM

I use grease and the specified torque.

RonH 04-13-13 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by tspeters (Post 15506986)
Try a drop of Lock Tite blue on each screw. That's what I did.

Speedplay provides screws with Lock-tite already applied.

BlazingPedals 04-13-13 05:19 PM

Been there, done that. The spare cleats sounds like a good idea.

longbeachgary 04-13-13 05:29 PM

What I use to keep the screws from coming out and for reducing the wear on the plates is Shoe Goo. I put a little Shoe goo over the screws in the back and front. Screws can't come out.

David Bierbaum 04-13-13 05:38 PM

Shoe Goo is a tube-full of miracle cure. :)

Now you know that all those people telling you that you had a few screws loose, were actually warning you about your cleats!

JimF22003 04-14-13 01:54 AM

I've started leaving a spare set of certain items in my car all the time, so I'll have a fallback in case I get to the ride start and forget something, or if I'm on a trip and have a problem away from home. One item is a complete spare pair of shoes (with cleats attached :) ). Also a tire, some tubes, a small air pump, a spare helmet, and various other things that I never need at home, and can just leave in the car and always be sure to have.

fat biker 04-15-13 03:22 PM

I would recommend Loctite 222 (purple) or the more easily available 242 (blue).

I must be getting old because I reference Loctite products by their number - 222, 242, 270... instead of by the "color scheme".

Anyway, great products, terrific invention to keep stuff from falling off - falling apart.
Is there a song in there?

Jeff, still fat

digibud 04-16-13 12:59 PM

loose screws were responsible for two spills I've taken and one turned out to be quite serious when I fell on my shoulder. Blue Locktite is a great idea and checking them occasionally is really important. By the time you twist your foot to get out, if it doesn't come out, you're going DOWN!

Zinger 04-16-13 01:39 PM


First time I rode with toestraps I pulled up behind a car stopped at a light with two pretty teenage girls in the back seat looking at me and forgot to loosen the left strap. The girls found that quite entertaining.

bruce19 04-17-13 04:24 AM


Originally Posted by tspeters (Post 15506986)
Try a drop of Lock Tite blue on each screw. That's what I did.

This iswhat I always do at the suggestion of a friend who is also a Speedplay rep.

NOS88 04-17-13 04:41 AM

I carry two extra screws for my cleats in all of my seat bags. When I was using Speedplay pedals I had the same thing happen more than once, and it didn't matter what kind of thread locking material I used on them. There must be something unusual about the virbations that run through those cleats.

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