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kris7047th 03-14-14 12:53 AM

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My newest bike. This winter has been brutal in Michigan. The day after I took this pic we got a 8" dumping of snow and it's the middle of March. I need this fat bike just navigate over/around the horrendous pot holes. It's too iffy to ride a road bike.

But when the conditions improve I'll be back on my Trek 520

obrentharris 03-17-14 04:33 PM

Our tandems:

My Motobecanes:

My Rock Lobsters - Mountain/Cyclocross/Road

The Platypus Bike


Louis Le Tour 03-17-14 08:22 PM

Here's a vid of my Surly LHTD.

aubiecat 03-18-14 07:06 AM

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rydabent 03-18-14 09:01 AM

Maybe old people should be defined first! :)

cyclist2000 03-18-14 08:24 PM

You can see photos of my bikes at the flickr address in my signature.

Mostly steel bikes, I'm not too fond of the flat handlebar bikes, especially for longer rides. My three newest bikes are the Bianchi, Waterford and Tern. I keep thinking of 1 or 2 more bikes.

stevemtbr 03-21-14 02:24 PM

Co-Motion Espresso

TreK 8000

Yeti cross

Co-Motion periscope

Specialized Allez

smorris 03-21-14 06:56 PM

I'm only 60 now, so not old yet. Here's the current stable:

1992 Bridgestone RB-T (bought new)

1997 KHS Summit X converted to an Xtracycle (now with Surly 1X1 fork, Brooks B67 Imperial, and fenders)

1995 Trek 830 Mountain Track beater (No photo)

1992 Trek 970 SingleTrack (eBay photo, as I just received it and currently apart for cleaning and changing to Maxxis Hookworms

50+ year old home made unicycle

Trsnrtr 03-22-14 07:36 AM

I ride and own everything from uprights to trikes and this one is the most fun:
image by trsnrtr, on Flickr

jimmuller 03-22-14 12:47 PM

Originally Posted by Trsnrtr (Post 16600797)
I ride and own everything from uprights to trikes and this one is the most fun:...

You own everything??? How can that be? I own a few things. So do my neighbors. Someone sold you a bill of goods. But that trike looks fast!

I posted this pic over in C&V, but since this thread is about what we ride, here it is again. From today's ride:

60Cycles 03-23-14 05:01 PM

A keeper! Ride the hell out of it!


Gerryattrick 03-28-14 04:21 AM

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I'm now down to two rideable bikes (not counting the four or five still in pieces). I call them my bitsa bikes because they're all made up from bits bought at boot sales or the internet or bits I had in the shed.

The mtb is my 93 Merlin (the British, not the US company) which has served me well for years and the other is the Dawes I've just built up for road use. Just been for a 25 mile ride on it and it rides brilliantly, although still have a few tweaks on the gears to do to get it just right. Drive train and gears are mountain bike because much of my riding is hilly. I've kept the steerer long temporarily until I finally decide on choice of stem and height of bars.

Jedey 03-29-14 07:14 PM

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My 1994 Bridgestone RB-T.

ctpres 03-30-14 07:19 AM

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My new rad bike makes me look younger, feel younger and ride faster.

yote223 03-30-14 02:52 PM

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Here's my daily rider/trout fishing rig. TREK 3500 Disk. Just got some of the winter crud knocked off but it still needs a little shot from the pressure washer. Can't wait to hit the Trout Streams. I put a few parts on it, Adjustable Stem, Serfas Rx seat, Palmer Grips, Forte' Dartmoor tires with heavy duty tubes and Tuffie liners. I also got rid of all of that QD junk to keep thieves at bay. I think I have it where I want it.(for now)

imabeliever1 03-31-14 06:24 AM

My ride
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I'm 58 and have been doing most riding on this bike . 70's Dawes fixed.

papik 04-07-14 04:20 AM

It is sometimes a great pleasure to ride with my old (1963) but always young LA PERLE !

BluesDawg 04-07-14 07:28 PM

This me on my 2011 Specialized Roubaix Expert with Roval SLX-23 wheels. It was taken during my metric century ride last Friday. A good day on the bike.

Phloom 04-09-14 01:39 PM

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First post and this is my pride and joy. An unmolested 1978 Raleigh Competition GS with an unbroken in Brooks saddle.
This vintage bicycle is much too dainty for my daily commute so I am restoring a late 90's Peugeot mountain bike.

bikejrff 04-09-14 07:50 PM

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I'm 56. are two of my new bikes for 2014; 2012 Bianchi Vigorelli (steel) and a 2013 Litespeed T5 (titanium). Most of my peers are riding carbon race bikes. Trek used to be predominant but more and more it's Scott. I have to admit, I have my fair share of carbon bikes too.

trackhub 04-10-14 12:27 PM

Originally Posted by smorris (Post 16599853)
I'm only 60 now, so not old yet. Here's the current stable:

1992 Bridgestone RB-T (bought new)

Beautiful man, absolutely beautiful! Real. Lugged. Steel. Further discussion not required. I have always found it interesting that Bridgestone, a multi-billion
dollar Japanese tire conglomerate, was in the bicycle business.

smorris 04-10-14 06:27 PM

Originally Posted by trackhub (Post 16659315)
Beautiful man, absolutely beautiful!

Thank you very much! I baby that bike, and will never sell it! Was out on it today for the 30 Days of Riding Challenge in winds up to 43 MPH. I didn't go far!!


mort1369 04-10-14 10:59 PM

My three toys. . . .

02Giant 04-11-14 04:42 AM

Are your legs that short? It looks like you would lower the seats even further if they would.

Lizzy 04-11-14 05:27 AM

Jamis Alegro 1
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Originally Posted by bjjoondo (Post 15992165)

I have the same Jamis Allegro 1 in silver. It is a very good bike. Mine is a city/urban bike mostly. Gives a good ride. It's my rain bike, also.

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