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sreten 04-15-13 08:23 PM

Classic new bike saddle mistake

When I bought my budget folder at Christmas I replaced the
the saddle with a half decent one before I even rode it, and
have had no problems at all with the saddle, wearing very
standard clothing (jeans and thermals usually).

Made that mistake with my new road bike, my bits are still
complaining 2 days after going out on one of my usual rides
with it, and that was with wearing padded cycling shorts.

I don't know why they fit such useless saddles to bikes.
The e-pray saddle I got for the folder was about 10,
and the e-pray saddle I've ordered for the road bike
is all of 6, but I expect it to be vastly superior.

Perhaps it is an age thing.

rgds, sreten.

stapfam 04-16-13 01:43 AM

Saddles are one of the few things you don't think about till after the first 10 miles.So many options of quality- style- sizing that it is impossible to find the one that suits your butt till you find out it doesn't.

I have settled into a style of saddle that I like and it is narrow and solid with just a little bit of padding. Have several different "Makes" of that type of saddle and they work for me- Or should I say I can adjust them to fit so they do work for me.

I always give the OM saddle a chance but have rarely found one that works from new. That chance can be for 100 miles or it may be it is being changed after the first ride. Hope the new saddle works or you could be like most of us that have a good stock of saddles in the spares box that we will never sit on again.

donheff 04-16-13 06:43 AM

What is an e-pray saddle? I got no responses on Google.

CraigB 04-16-13 06:50 AM

I'm guessing it's meant as a somewhat disparaging characterization of eBay.

Phil_gretz 04-16-13 07:02 AM

I've found that somewhat narrow, flat in cross section, and minimally padded work well for me.

Best = Brooks B-17
Comfortable = Fujita Belt FB17
Aggressive = E3 Form
MTB (also aggresive) = WTB Valcon

The B-17 and the FB17 are very similar, with the Fujita just a hair narrower, but with thicker leather.

The E3 Form is terrific, and the Valcon is somewhat similar in both shape and feel. I'm not seated much on the MTB, though.

fietsbob 04-16-13 10:51 AM

once your butt and saddle find the perfect match, , get another one for each bike.. the Butt will remain the same.

Mine, Brooks Pro, SI Turbo, SM Rolls are a similar shape.. Just no rivets to sit on, riding on the other 2..

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