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-=(8)=- 04-18-13 03:30 PM

Attention Dudelsack!
9:00 tonight on Discovery Channel, Discover America:
Monsters and Mysteries in America, series: The same one that brought
us real evidence of the KY Sheepsquatch--Our own Goatman gets some air time with
sceeery footage of the trestle and interviews with tragedy struck degoatees :eek::eek::eek:

Dudelsack 04-18-13 06:18 PM

DvR on full alert. Thanks! I've notified the city that the Loop construction goes right through his backyard, but no response. I don't think they take me seriously.

Dudelsack 04-23-13 06:44 PM

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Goatman, but dang that TV show was one of the lamest things I've ever seen.

I'm going to ride out there one night (on my bike it takes me a little over 30 minutes to get down to Pope Lick) with some night vision googles and track that sucker down.

Then I have no idea what I'm going to do. Maybe offer him a beer.

-=(8)=- 04-24-13 03:29 AM

I like those shows but enjoy them the same way I do 70's Kung-Fu films and Russ Meyer films. :lol:
Jackie Green at Bike Depot on Frankfort has midnight rides out of his shop. Maybe suggest to him Goatman run ?!?!?! :p
If you do any Goat huntin', make sure your Go-Pro is filming, please!!!

Rwc5830 04-24-13 12:20 PM

Since you're looking for goatman while riding your bike keep an eye out for any sightings of chupacabras while you're at it!

I seem to remember where I grew up there was a reported goatman out by the lake that would throw old tires off the top of the hill. Since I grew up in TX I'm sure our goatman is a lot bigger and stronger than yours :)

Of course, that hill area was also a popular place for high school kids to go party and drink on the weekends which probably explains a lot.

Allegheny Jet 04-24-13 12:37 PM

Where I grew up in Western PA we had the Green Man. He was a real person who as a young child suffered severe electrical burns to his upper body including face. Ray, if I remember his name correctly, was in his 60's at the time and used to walk on local roadways at night near Koppel. As smart assed high school kids we would bring him beer and the chicks in the car would be petrified of the encounter. A few years ago I saw one of those "America's 10 most scary places" shows and they listed the Green Man as being on the list. The host was standing on an old railroad bed with a tunnel and his "paranormal expert" could sense vibes of Green Man's truly evil presence. That was nowhere close to the real story.

-=(8)=- 04-24-13 03:27 PM

:lol: :beer:

-=(8)=- 04-24-13 04:50 PM

Making Kentucky proud

Dchiefransom 04-24-13 09:32 PM

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Those shows are cool.

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