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Steve Sawyer 05-11-13 07:16 PM

Hmmmm....what can I do with this bike?
I'd like to hang onto it, as I occasionally do group rides through areas that are better handled by a hybrid (this has 38mm tires on 26" rims), or some of the MUP's in the state that are surfaced with gravel or stone rather than being paved. However, strangely enough after only about 250 miles on a road bike, taking this for a spin today felt really weird. I was thinking maybe swapping out the handlebars for something flatter and lowering the angle on the stem just a bit to get the handlebars to be level with, or just above the seat. Whaddya think?

freedomrider1 05-11-13 07:28 PM

I feel a difference between my two road bikes,one is heavier and more upright.That bike looks like it is made to have the bars way higher than the seat.I would say ride it a few more times and you might get adjusted to switching back and forth between bikes.

NCbiker 05-11-13 08:02 PM

If your experience is anything like mine has been since I switched to a drop bar road bike, you just won't ride the Navigator anymore. Sell it!

BluesDawg 05-11-13 08:08 PM

Replace it with a cross bike?

lphilpot 05-11-13 08:27 PM

When I went from my Navigator 2.0 to my Tricross (which is by no means a super lightweight bike), shedding almost 15 pounds in the process was enough to make me never want to go back to the Navigator. Good thing, since I traded it in on the Tricross. :)

10 Wheels 05-11-13 08:35 PM

Sell it or give it to a newbie.

ksisler 05-11-13 09:38 PM

Try riding it?

qcpmsame 05-11-13 09:43 PM

You might want a weight weenie scheme, nothing over the top, but a conventional fork, flatter stem and bars, a lighter more road like seat and, say some 700X28 tyres, kind of a gravel grinder on a budget. If not the idea above for a new rider is a great idea. Glad you are enjoying the new roadie, too!


fietsbob 05-11-13 09:51 PM

N+1 its a good casual ride.. now you desire something less casual..

kit that out for shopping, get another bike for sport riding..

I have settlen on Trekking bars , they are an easy swap on a bike like yours ,
because the levers are all used again.

Drop bars are requiring enough different parts might as well just get a Bike set up already with that kit.

stapfam 05-11-13 11:07 PM

Check in a years time how often it is used.

Or you could sell it now to make room for N+1.

pinsonp2 05-12-13 06:04 AM

Although I ride mostly roadies, I still have my Navigator 2.0 after nearly 4 years. I use it as a neighborhood bike complete with rack, bag and fold down panniers. It's great for a run to the local convenience store or drug store. I also keep it to loan to friends to ride when they come by. P2

dendawg 05-12-13 06:14 AM

I have an older heavier MTB which I haven't ridden in 2 years. I was going to use it on a group ride today, but the ride was postponed. I used to use it for a commute to a job, about 1 mile each way, and it wasn't bad on the short runs and that was carrying a backpack loaded with rain gear and tools. I'll let you know after doing 20 miles on it how it feels. Road bikes are so much easier. FWIW the MTB is fitted with slicks so it's not so bad for city riding.

Retro Grouch 05-12-13 06:19 AM

Be real careful before taking the next step because it might change your whole life.

1. If you think that you might like to sell it some day, stock is better.

2. If you think that you'd like to keep it and ride it but you don't like the way that if feels now, try this. Park it right next to your road bike bottom bracket to bottom bracket. Now notice how the saddles and handlebars line up. Try to mimic that and see how you like it.

Now here's the danger. You might find that you like screwing with bikes and swapping parts around. If that happens you are a good candidate for CBTD (compulsive bike tinkerers disease). There's no known cure and it can lead to things like ousting your car from the garage.

osco53 05-12-13 06:33 AM

CBTD,,, Makes for some good fun in the garage on rain days... Tear it completely apart and clean and re lube every last thing, then mod to suit... You know you wont get much for it so why give it away...

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