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cranky old dude 05-21-13 02:22 PM

Me and my Canon take a 3-hour 5-mile ride!!
I didn't go very far and I certainly didn't go fast. For those of you who are fascinated with the animal knigdom the following pictures should explain why...

Mother Swan allowing the turtles to warm in the sun as she incubates her eggs...

Every so often she turns the eggs over...

These little guys are all over the place...

This guy showed up to feed for awhile also...

Not all the critters were in the river though...

I consider myself very fortunate to have such a easy access to the Genesee River Trail. If I ever get tired of watching all the wildlife I can always pedal a mile farther north and mingle with two legged human type critters at Lake Ontario Beach Park.

DnvrFox 05-21-13 04:09 PM

As always, I love your photography.

I have been observing the work of beavers in our area - BUT, I seem to have a little more of a problem actually observing the beavers. I could post some pics of some rather large trees they have decided to fell.

Thanks for posting.

Dan Burkhart 05-21-13 06:18 PM

Great shots! Your photography is first rate as always.

cyclinfool 05-21-13 06:18 PM

Nice Lenny. Those hard shell athletes give me the willies, I am afraid they are going to challenge me to a race :lol:

NOS88 05-21-13 06:26 PM

Nice. I've got shutter envy. But you do know that if you were shooting with Nikon.... ;)

David Bierbaum 05-21-13 07:01 PM

There's a Robin's nest on the downspout pipe on the side of our house. There are five little mouths pointed at the sky, when the parents aren't there.

Of course I'm kind of depressed (and grossed out) today, since my only close contact of the wildlife kind was made with my push mower... This thread just reminded me of that incident. How a grey dove could hide so well in such short grass, and NOT FLY AWAY FROM AN APPROACHING LOUD MOWER, is entirely beyond me. I feel like a murderer of all things fluffy and cute. Sigh.

On a less grossed out note, since the Mississippi has been relatively high this year, the American White Pelicans really seem to enjoy the area near Alton now.

Dudelsack 05-21-13 07:07 PM


I think we cycle better when we carry a camera and take photos. Less hammerin', more um I dunno, glammerin' I guess.

Those turtles are meaner than crap and are just waiting for the chance to eat those swanettes. Grab 'em and set them in the middle of the road, or make turkel soup or something.

cranky old dude 05-22-13 02:26 PM

Thank you all for your kind responses.

billydonn 05-22-13 02:57 PM

I enjoyed the shots. Thanks for posting.

PatW 05-23-13 01:59 PM

Nothing like a camera to kill your average speed. Thanks for sharing.

longbeachgary 05-23-13 02:11 PM

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Sorry for the cell phone photo but I'd never seen one of these before. Turns out to be an Egyptian Goose.

SwampDude 05-23-13 02:23 PM

Cycling and photography...the perfect combination. Enjoyed the photos.

Daspydyr 05-23-13 02:32 PM

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City of Henderson, NV is sponsoring a Bike Photo Scavenger hunt for May, bike Month. Here is my contribution. I wish we had the water OP has. I love wildlife @water.

berner 05-23-13 03:40 PM

Great photos COD. I feel the same way about wildlife as yourself. The only thing that makes the bike path here worthwhile is observing birds of which there are plenty here as the trail runs along Narragansett Bay. The geese population have had their goslings and man are they cute. Actually, the MUP at 5 am is very nice also.

phread59 05-23-13 07:14 PM

Hey Crank, loved the photo's as usual. Simply,, Thank You.

Mark Shuman

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