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b2run 05-23-13 05:40 PM

How do you put up a profile picture?
I'm not totally tech challenged but I can't figure out how to put my profile picture in. I'm sure I'm going to do a face palm when I find out. What's the trick?

Tom Stormcrowe 05-23-13 05:49 PM

Profile pic or avatar?

A profile pic is limited to Premium members. An Avatar is the little pic you see of me for example, when I post. If Avatar, hit settings>edit avatat>upload pic but I don't remember the size limit for registered off the bat but it's a smaller image than the Titanium members get, which are 100x100 pixel.

b2run 05-23-13 07:42 PM


Tom Stormcrowe 05-23-13 08:21 PM

De nada!

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