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bjaspud 05-26-13 08:39 PM

Celebrated by birthday by riding my age.
Great riding weather in Clevleand, OH today. I celebrated by riding on the Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace path with 12 good friends. I managed to get in 57 miles to celebrate my 57th birthday. That's a personal best. Good times.


hobkirk 05-26-13 08:58 PM

You are setting yourself up for a tough tradition!

Congratulations. My first ride over 50 miles had a sense of "this is a big deal" - even if it's not actually much different than the a hard 45 mile ride. But it does mean you have reached a level of fitness (and/or insanity - I don't pass judgement) to be able to ride for four (?) hours. A Century is within reach (my advice is do a club ride - that makes it seem more like four 25-mile rides, although you will feel tired starting the fourth leg).

JimF22003 05-26-13 11:23 PM

Nice work!

mapeiboy 05-27-13 03:11 AM

Good for you .:thumb: Did you get a pie after the ride .

Bikey Mikey 05-27-13 03:11 AM


Dan Burkhart 05-27-13 05:02 AM

Congrats, and happy birthday.:bday:

jppe 05-27-13 05:47 AM


lenA 05-27-13 06:36 AM

pretty amazing when you think about it

qcpmsame 05-27-13 08:12 AM

Well done sir, glad that you accomplished the age ride!


Mort Canard 05-27-13 09:25 AM

Great ride! I try to ride my age at least several times per year. I don't always get to do it on my birthday but usually do it sometime close to the date. A metric century should be well within your capabilities.

cranky old dude 05-27-13 10:14 AM


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