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Mort Canard 05-27-13 09:08 AM

The Official 50+ Jersey Picture Thread
Well, Curtis asked all of us to post pictures of ourselves in our 50+ jerseys and other kit. So here goes. This is just after I got back from a shortish shakedown jaunt around the local bike paths near the house to test some mechanical adjustments.

The picture also shows the newest N+1 acquisition. It is a 1994 Raleigh RT 600 and is my first bike with brifters. I have been a long time lover of classic and vintage road bikes and have been satisfied with downtube shifters, but a lot of folks have told me I should try index shifting and integrated controls. I will admit that they are nice but I am not ready to abandon my old vintage fleet. The index shifting is nice though!

Forum keeps downsizing the picture so here is a link to the full size pic.

miss kenton 05-27-13 11:04 AM

Nice picture, Mort! Looking good!

Mort Canard 05-27-13 11:32 AM

Thank you Miss K!

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