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rck 09-14-13 12:27 PM

py-rite rept(sic)
I'm sorry, I mean pie-rite, no wait darn it, I mean pie ride report.

T'is a beautiful day here in sw Wi, sunny a bit cool at the start and not much of a breeze. As the pie ride has become something of a tradition, I felt it appropiate to do a "traditional" ride. So off to I went. The ride to was quite nice and it made me happy to spot a couple of bluebirds. Of course I could do without that d--n vulture that follows me wherever I go!

At Irma's the pie du jour was and it tasted finestkind. Good that I got there early as they were shutting down early to get ready for Joe's retirement(congrats).

The ride home was equally nice and was marred by only one small incident. As I was swooping around a downhill curve, I discoverd pea gravel about halfway round. Yeow! nothing like speeding around a curve and finding that. I tell you it tightened up some parts of my body and loosened another. Fortunately I made it with out further trauma and the rest of the ride passed without trouble. A really nice ride on a truly fine day.:)

Barrettscv 09-14-13 01:04 PM

I need to come out to your corner of Wisconsin before the freezing weather arrives.

Floyd 09-14-13 07:44 PM

any pie ride is good when you can eat pie... and sounds like a good ride even with the ?mishap?

NOS88 09-14-13 07:54 PM

Last summer I had a great slice of pie in your honorable state. I'm not sure of the name, but I know it was in Middleton. I think it was the Hubbard Diner. I remember thinking, I might seriously think about moving to WI for regular pie like this. How did you all get blessed with so many good places for pie?

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