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TromboneAl 09-14-13 01:58 PM

Birthday Ride Report
Had a prefect ride-my-age ride, actually on my birthday for a change.

Lena called out the glass, but I was already into it, and the puncture was so bad that I could feel the air against my leg as it deflated. [I didn't discover until the restaurant that the sidewall was split, and the tube was bulging out like Arnold Schwartzenegger's hernia. I booted it with two one-dollar bills, and made it home.]
Grilled fresh snapper.

This is where I cache my lock for future trips:

TromboneAl 09-14-13 02:02 PM

Note that fighting is allowed, but not after 10 PM.

As often happens, it looked like a storm was coming, but there was none.

And my birthday "cake" was a low-carb cheesecake, shaped like a pie (all my recipes are found here).

That's actually coffee, but the cream is so thick, it floats on top.

wobblyoldgeezer 09-14-13 03:48 PM

Good for you. Well done - looks like a nice one!

Ursa Minor 09-14-13 08:02 PM

Happy birthday! Its great you and your wife ride together


Dudelsack 09-14-13 08:13 PM

If you were born in 1952, we're birthday twins.

Here's my birthday ride:

I got a couple of kudos for it, probably because wind-kite surfing is no mean feat in Shepardsville, Kentucky.

Actually my daughter and I went go-karting. I smoked all the other drivers, an assortment of squirrelly 14 year olds, and morbidly obese tattoo queens. Wearing a polo shirt and khakis, I felt a bit overdressed. But it was fun.

Dan Burkhart 09-14-13 08:26 PM

Happy birthday to both you guys. You share a birthday with my mother who turned 81 today. We just returned home from spending the evening with her.

con 09-14-13 08:43 PM

Happy B-day you guys. Nice ride report, Al

cccorlew 09-14-13 09:02 PM

Excellent, and happy birthday!

Bikey Mikey 09-15-13 04:16 AM


TromboneAl 09-15-13 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 16066316)
If you were born in 1952, we're birthday twins.

Almost -- 1953.

Dan Burkhart 09-15-13 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by TromboneAl (Post 16067272)
Almost -- 1953.

There's a lot of that going around.

az_cyclist 09-16-13 10:48 AM

Happy Birthday Al, and it looked as if you had a great time.. oh, and btw welcome to the 60's :thumb:

gevad 09-16-13 05:48 PM

Happy Birthday, Al! You, too, Mr. Dudelsack! Nice to hear that young guys can have fun on their b-days (I'm 62).

My Dad would have been 100 years old on September 14. I miss him all the time.


Latif 09-19-13 09:47 AM

A belated happy bday! I passed you yesterday just before the bottom of the steep hill north of Hammond bridge, was riding with a buddy. I called out but you were zooming south. We'll meet up sometime I'm sure.

BluesDawg 09-19-13 10:13 AM

Happy Birthday to both!
:bday: :bday:

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