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Dave Cutter 12-26-13 12:05 AM

The three in my area are holding there own. All three had a drop off a couple or so years ago. Times have been tough for retail in generally lately. That doesn't mean every store of every variety in every location. Some do well... others not so much.

Half a century ago.... my family was in the lawn mower sales and service business. Many... most... went belly up in the 60's as big box stores cut the sales. Many of the old lawnmower places that survived the change in sales tactics then are still in business today.

I hope LBS's do well. Or at the very least the one I use do well. But as Internet sales increase... and dollars spent (adjusting for inflation) may be decreasing.... retail shops do have challenges. With Alibaba replacing Amazon for on-line shopping.... things are changing. traditional brick and mortar stores might need to alter their business models.

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