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NOS88 12-23-13 08:36 PM

Trek Madone 7
At my LBS today they showed me the new Madone 7. You can squeeze the top tube and feel it flex, not unlike very early Cannondale's. It wasn't confidence inspiring for me. At just a hair over 14 lbs., I'm guessing they shaved as much weight as they can. I wonder if they've got a weight limit on it? I didn't think to ask.

Velo Fellow 12-24-13 04:08 PM

When I consider the daring feats of climbing, descending, sprinting, etc local riders accomplished 30 some years ago on 'chromoly' frames with a 5 cog freewheel, I have to smile at weight-obsessed bike makers. The exhiliration felt by those earlier riders was no less than that of the owner of a brand new, latest carbon design frame.

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