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rydabent 12-26-13 06:32 PM

I now have my 5th "last bike"
Twenty five years ago I bought my "last bike". It was a Univega touring bike with a granny gear. I figured that when I got older I could always fall back on the granny gear. But then-----------I bought a mountain bike so I could ride with my sons. But then-----------------I bought my first recumbent bike. But then ---------I bought a better faster recumbent bike. But then-----------I bought a tadpole trike. My 5th last bike isnt even a bike.

So now I am fully bent and have a Rans Stratus, and a TerraTrike Cruiser. The big question is will the trike be my last bike. Im in great shape for being 75. That is probably due to the fact that cycling has kept me in good shape. So far the Stratus and the Cruiser have been great buys, and give me the right tool for the different kinds of riding I like to do. But then-------

Wildwood 12-26-13 07:19 PM

you plains folk are often hardy.
keep on pedaling.
just 13 behind you and still enjoying 2 wheels.
I hope my last bike is many bikes in the future.

gif4445 12-27-13 12:00 AM

How many of those bikes have done the BRAN?

rydabent 12-27-13 07:55 AM


I have never done BRAN. They run it too early for me, since I dont like to ride when it is cold at all. I just feel I normally would not have enough miles under my belt. Also many of the BRAN rides have run into cold weather and rain. To me that would be no fun at all.

bikemig 12-27-13 07:58 AM

As long as you keep putting the words "last bike" in quotation marks, you're a member in good standing of BF. So what's you're sixth "last bike" going to be?

cehowardGS 12-27-13 08:50 AM

Rans Stratus, and a TerraTrike Cruiser?? Pics would be nice for us not-knowing interested readers... ;)

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