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jyl 12-29-13 02:10 AM

Bibs Or Shorts?
. . . And why?

I've only ever had the latter.

Zinger 12-29-13 02:32 AM

Yeah me too.

There's something about suspenders that seem.....well:

bruce19 12-29-13 02:48 AM

After many years I have become a convert to bibs. The lack of a waistband makes bibs more comfortable IMO. A newer pair of PI shorts have a waistband that always rolls and becomes annoying. The only issue I have had with bibs has been finding a proper size. At 5'9" and 193 lbs I found that when I got a large enough size to accommodate my weight they were too "tall" strap-wise. But, after losing weight and getting down to 180 lbs I bought a pair of Assos Unos in Large and they fit like they were made for me. An existing pair of PIs also fit better now.

RonH 12-29-13 07:08 AM

There's a saying about bibs vs shorts that goes something like this: Once you try bibs you'll never go back!
Got my first pair of bibs in 2003 and have been wearing them since.

Mongoeric 12-29-13 07:31 AM

60+, 240#+, only bibs for me.

Try it, you'll like it!

rydabent 12-29-13 08:05 AM

This is pretty much a moot question for bent riders. Inexpensive shorts work just fine.

jhazel 12-29-13 08:31 AM

I've got both. I'm 5'9" and 140 pounds. Every now and then I will get tired of fooling with the bibs and ride in shorts for a few rides. As soon as I get over 15 miles I remember why I wear bibs almost all the time. They are more comfortable for me. The shorts just seem to roll off of waist.

OldTryGuy 12-29-13 08:39 AM

My wife wanted to purchase the Sugoi Ironman Kit before my IMFL last month and I told her no. Sunday morning she was at the store and bought the shorts and jersey. I am 63, 5'8" at 135lb and speedo compliant so there are no issues with shorts. These Sugoi's are the BEST I've ever had and Santa just brought me a Sugoi Tri-shorts for next year's races.

I can understand the comfort of bibs for some but they are simply not my cup of green tea for me.

My 62 miles yesterday felt like it never happened since I had my IM kit on.

Dudelsack 12-29-13 08:59 AM

Bibs. I even wear them when I ride my bent.

JerrySTL 12-29-13 09:59 AM

After decades of wearing shorts, I just started wearing bibs in the last couple of years. I'm a clydesdale who could stand to lose 20 lbs or more. I also have skinny relatively legs. I found that shorts tended to bunch up in the wrong places. Also if I bought shorts to fit my legs, the waist band was too tight around my gut. If I sized for my gut, the legs were too loose. Bibs are more comfortable and the padding area not bunch up so much.

Tip: Get full length jerseys. It makes going to the bathroom much quicker. Most good bibs have stretchy material in the right places to take a quick pee; however, anything more takes removing the jersey or doing some strange contortions.

BluesDawg 12-29-13 10:04 AM

Bibs usually, because I find them to be more comfortable, especially on longer rides where my shorts tend to slide down. YMMV.

Barrettscv 12-29-13 10:13 AM

I often wear shorts while riding less than 50 miles near home. However, bibs perform better and are always worn on longer rides. The pad stays on position better with bibs, the shorts tend to shift during a ride. I can accept this on a short ride, but I avoid this issue on longer rides.

Looigi 12-29-13 10:29 AM

Contrary to the touted dogma, I have tried bibs and gone back to shorts. I have several pairs of each and go back and forth all the time, and when the time comes will likely purchase more of each. I find it depends on my shape and the cut of the shorts. When my waist is slender shorts are fine. When it isn't or I have a bit of a paunch, bibs can be more comfortable. I've never had an issue with shorts staying up or getting out of position. The main difference/tradeoffs with bibs is how they feel around the waist vs the feel of the straps on the shoulders, and ease of answering nature's call.

koolerb 12-29-13 10:31 AM

I have both and usually grab the shorts. Easier to pee.

Garfield Cat 12-29-13 12:00 PM

The partial answer to shorts would be a custom fitting. The shifting of the padding issue can be partially solved with a different saddle.

This brings up a different approach: contact points on the bike need an integrated solution. When will saddle makers ever collaborate with clothing makers to do this? Specialized makes both but still, there is something lacking.

fietsbob 12-29-13 12:04 PM

Cross racing the bibs are good .. holds your shorts up .

Touring and long rides Shorts are easier to deal with,

when you have to make a roadside stop to 'water the shrubbery'

Heck, now I rarely wear shorts at all , just not really that scorching where I live now.
marine climate.

& riding is mostly Utilitarian, [ in sweatpants for the freedom of movement vs levis]

OldTryGuy 12-29-13 12:35 PM

After reading the replies, I wonder how many have seen and tried Sugoi shorts? The fit on mine is superb and the pad is an engineering marvel. But maybe the excellent fit and feel it is due to my body structure and would not work for other riders.

leob1 12-29-13 12:44 PM

Bibs, but some non bibs, such as baggy lined shorts, are too bad. But for regular lycra, bibs win hands down. The difference is that the waist on shorts tends to roll, where as bibs do no, can not. The big issue with bibs is if you have to go #2 while on a ride, you have to take off your jersey, and all layers 'till you get to the straps. But that is not an issue for 90% of my riding.

Barrettscv 12-29-13 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by koolerb (Post 16365598)
I have both and usually grab the shorts. Easier to pee.

My bibs have a low cut front with a pull-up panel. The panel hides everything, but allow the user to pee without lowering the strap(s).

Dudelsack 12-29-13 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Barrettscv (Post 16365837)
My bibs have a low cut front with a pull-up panel. The panel hides everything, but allow the user to pee without lowering the strap(s).

What brand?

NVanHiker 12-29-13 12:59 PM


Looigi 12-29-13 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Barrettscv (Post 16365837)
My bibs have a low cut front with a pull-up panel. The panel hides everything, but allow the user to pee without lowering the strap(s).

Guys can also pee by lifting a leg of the short or bibs.

NealH 12-29-13 02:02 PM

I started with shorts, went to bibs, then came back to shorts. My shorts stay put, make it easy to pee, and are(or at least feel...) cooler. I don't even notice them when riding. The straps son the bibs however, are annoying. I never got used to them (and didn't like them).

Ludkeh 12-29-13 03:15 PM

63 yo, 5'8" at 138 lb. Used to wear only shorts. But now I only wear bibs for cycling. Much more comfortable and I don't have to worry when my jersey rides up my back. I've got three different brands of bibs. Least favorite are the PI bibs, thinnest are the Castelli and my favorite have got to be my Assos bibs.

For triathlons I wear a two piece Tri Kit.

GlassKnees 12-29-13 03:38 PM

I use both - have to say that I tend to prefer bibs, though sometimes they are more inconvenient. My preference is they tend to make me look slimmer and for me, image is everything!

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