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tarwheel 01-06-14 09:11 AM

The Big 6-0 birthday ride
I went out for 30-40 mile ride yesterday and decided en route to stretch it out to a metric century for my annual birthday ride. I'll hit 60 on January 19, but judging from past experiences it can be tough completing birthday rides in the dead of winter. Thus, I consider the entire month eligible for the birthday ride. I was supposed to ride with my friends yesterday but they all wimped out due to temps in the 40s and forecast calling for 50% chance of showers. The radar looked clear to me, so I headed out wearing my rain jacket for insurance. The temperature warmed up incredibly during the ride with a stiff wind out of the SW, and it was about 60 F by the time I got home. Ended up riding 62 miles in 4 hours, not bad for a solo ride on a windy winter day. Glad to get the B-Day ride out of the way because January is looking to a tough month for cycling based on the weather we have had so far, and tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day we've had in about 15 years.

10 Wheels 01-06-14 09:16 AM

Congratulations on the ride and the 60 th Birthday.

rck 01-06-14 09:33 AM

Happy b-day tarwheel. I'd kill for 60 and showers right about now as it is currently a balmy -18(f) here in Monroe. Of course, its a dry cold...:p

az_cyclist 01-06-14 09:43 AM

Congrats on the B Day ride, tarwheel

Dan Burkhart 01-06-14 09:55 AM

Congrats on the ride, and happy upcoming birthday.
My birthday is in November, just had my 60th, and in this part of the world if you're going to plan a November ride, you better be prepared with some foul weather gear.
In 2012, I did a 100k on my 59th in balmy weather, in 2013, I still rode the 60 miles on my 60th birthday, but the weather wasn't so nice. We takes what we gets and lives with it.

qcpmsame 01-06-14 09:56 AM

An early Happy Birthday wish and a hearty congratulations on the birthday ride accomplishment. Well Done.


jhazel 01-06-14 10:16 AM

Happy Birthday and congratulations on the ride. I hate wind and prefer to start my ride at 60 degrees. I admire tough guys.

Condorita 01-07-14 08:59 PM

A Birthday Ride is just that: A ride on your birthday. An Age Ride can be done at any point in the year of that age, up to and including the day before your next birthday. Of course, you can combine them, if you like.

Ursa Minor 01-08-14 08:40 AM

Dang my birthday was Jan 7 (I'm now 64) and the pressure is on to do a bday ride.
Congrats on your ride.


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