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DougG 01-27-14 11:27 AM

Rebuilt Synapse with New Wheels
I finished off the rebuild of my 2010 Cannondale Synapse with new wheels from ProWheelbuilder (H+Son Archetype, White T11, CX-Ray). The other big change was to go to a SRAM 12-32 cassette, which along with the standard compact crank now gives me almost as low a gear as on my other bike with the triple crank (34/32 vs. 30/27 on the triple). At my age and ability level, I need all the help I can get on the hills!

While I was at it, I replaced the white bar tape. There's nothing like unwrapping the old tape to see the contrast between the dirty part and the clean tape under the overlap! And yes, that is a Brooks saddle; works for me is all I'm going to say about it.

The weight results for the new wheels come out as follows, in grams (listed as F/R/Total):

Bare wheels w/rim tape: 729/902/1631
With cassette: 729/1219/1948
With Conti GP4000s and tubes: 1049/1559/2608

Comparing these with my previous Mavic Aksiums, they save about 410 grams. The 12-32 cassette is about 50g heavier than the Shimano 12-27, but then again it's mass close to the hub where it contributes a lot less to the moment of inertia than do the rims and tires. In that regard, both the rims and tires are lighter than the Aksiums.

Now as I write this just having come in from clearing another 6" of snow from my driveway in a 20mph wind at 10F, I can't even picture what it will be like to go out riding again, but I think I'm going to enjoy it when it happens!

jsjcat 01-27-14 02:00 PM

Nice looking bike!

GFish 01-27-14 02:14 PM

Nice bike!:thumb:

Hills are a bugger, good choice with the 12-32 cassette. I too need all the help I can get!

BluesDawg 01-27-14 03:46 PM

Nice component choices with the upgraded wheels. :thumb:

fietsbob 01-27-14 06:47 PM

Meen rebuilding my synapses since the Psychedelic 60's :lol:

qcpmsame 01-27-14 08:11 PM

Very nice looking bicycle, Doug, I like the build choices, including the Brooks saddle. Great components and ergos for your Synapse.


shelbyfv 01-28-14 08:43 AM

What rear derailleur are you using with the 32T? Good looking bike!

DougG 01-28-14 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by shelbyfv (Post 16446865)
What rear derailleur are you using with the 32T? Good looking bike!

I went with a Deore (MTB) derailleur. Going by the calculations, a long-cage 105 might have (just barely) worked, but the Deore was a safer bet and is compatible with my 105 5600 shifters.

Interestingly, I was in a Trek store the other day looking at their CrossRip multi-purpose bike as a possibility to replace another bike of mine. The high-end version has a compact crank and 12-32 cassette as my Synapse now has, and it has Shimano 105 components including a long-cage derailleur. However, this is a later-model 105 gruppo and maybe there were some changes made for exactly this reason.

jppe 01-29-14 02:22 AM

I love my 11-32 cassette with a 50/34 compact crank setup. Perfect for me as well. As I recall the gear inches..........a 34/32 is actually a little easier gear than the 30/27. I haven't found a hill that I can't climb with the 34/32 combo. I think you made the right choice on going ahead with the Deore RD. Should give you better service. I used a XTR I think on one of my road bikes and it shifts really, really well. I know you're ready to get that setup out and get some miles on it.

rdtompki 01-29-14 06:58 AM

Nice looking bike! I had the same setup on my Volagi before I switched to a triple. I just couldn't get used to all the FD shifting.

NOS88 01-29-14 01:15 PM

Nice upgrade. It is a cruel fate when you do a major upgrade and then the weather keeps you from enjoying it. Hang in; I'm sure the wait will make that first ride even sweeter.

Timtruro 01-30-14 07:38 AM

Pretty ride for sure, nice job. At least it gave you a project for this lousy winter.

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