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Barrettscv 01-30-14 08:56 AM

The Superbowl bike, built in Seattle by Rodriguez.
"Every year before the superbowl, the mayors of each teams city place a friendly bet, to benefit local businesses and charities. This year, if Denver loses, Denver will send Seattle a sampling of green chilies, a hoodie, locally made cap and skis, and will auction off a Denver-themed item to support the Seattle based Lifelong AIDS Alliance. If Seattle loses, the mayor will send over Hancock salmon, Dungeness crab, a custom bicycle, and a blown glass piece blown by Dale Chihuly to benefit Denver’s Road Home program for the homeless".

Bill Kapaun 01-30-14 10:23 AM

Sounds like Seattle is getting the short end of that bet!

fietsbob 01-30-14 10:30 AM

R&E Vs Moots (though the latter is not in Denver)

love the Blue/green team color being carried over to the Bar tape striping ..

maybe a Mudguard replacement of Bong Bowl Champion will be thrown in after the game.

john.b 01-30-14 10:40 AM

Does it talk smack to you if your buddy beats you in the sprint to the town sign?

GFish 01-30-14 02:10 PM

Agree, Seattle is getting short changed.

On the bike, I read this...
If y’all think this pike is pretty sweet you should check out the sub 14 lb. steel frame road bike
or sub 27 lb steel frame & fork tandem on our website.

A 14lb steel bike would be sweet!!

Zinger 01-30-14 02:20 PM

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Originally Posted by GFish (Post 16454030)
A 14lb steel bike would be sweet!!

That would be this one

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