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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 03-10-14, 11:44 AM   #51
Retro Grouch 
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Bikes: Catrike 559 I own some others but they don't get ridden very much.
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Originally Posted by tcs View Post
I once counted six descriptions of different rider pains and discomforts in a single issue of Recumbent Cyclist News.
The reason why they were able to identify only six is because recumbents are so much more comfortable to ride than DF bikes.
My greatest fear is all of my kids standing around my coffin and talking about "how sensible" dad was.
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That Nashbar Flat-Bar Road Bike that was linked doesn't look too bad. It's got components that are consistently a grade above the more expensive Diamondback, all across the board. Quick release front and back, 8-speed cassette, Acera and Altus instead of Tourney or worse...
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Old 03-10-14, 07:25 PM   #53
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Originally Posted by brayton1 View Post
My wife and I recently retired and we want to get a couple comfort/hybrid bikes. Can someone steer us right. We started looking at a couple resale Huffy's which didn't work for me as I generally like to research on the internet and buy somewhat decent quality. We'll now we have been looking at Walmart bikes, Sears, Dicks and bikesdirect. Budget is around $200-$300 bikes. Schwinn Discover, Diamondback Wildwood Classic and Vital2, and some on bikesdirect (Dawes Hybrid Eclipse1; Eclispe City; Windsor Rover 1 & Dover 1; Gravity Hybrid Dutch; Schwinn Voyageur IG3) have been some of what we have been looking at. Don't want to underbuy or overbuy.
Any help is appreciated.

I am retired and when I decided to get a bike the LAST place would be Walmart for a $200 bike. I did that back in '01 and so regretted that decision. I sold the bike the next year in a garage sale for $25 and good riddance. This time I bought a REI brand 29'er on sale and enjoy it. Then I bought a very nice road bike from my LBS for a bit more .. later that fall a Trek 520 which I LOVE not cheap .. but that's OK. Lastly, I saw this winter was going to be loong and snowy (was I ever right) I didn't want to stop riding so when my kids gifted me a REI card, year end dividends to cash in I decided to buy a Surly Pugsley fat-bike. Did I spend a LOT ? Umm yeah I did, but my physical health is very important to me as I was diagnosed with severe Osteoporosis and NEED weight bearing exercise. All four bikes are very different for different types of riding which I now do. They are an investment for my health and sanity .. I have FUN when I ride, whether I ride to the grocery, with friends on a group ride to hang out, trails .. I found excuses to ride and leave the car parked in the garage. I did not do that with my wal mart, target or sears bike.

I can't recommend enough to take a trip to a local bike shop and listen to what they say. You will learn about proper fitting that can prevent injury (won't happen on a *one size fits all* cheap bike) Test ride different bikes. You might think you know what you will want/like .. but that may be blown away once you test ride. I would NEVER buy a bike where I am not given the opportunity to test ride. Had I done that back in '01 .. I would have laid my cash down somewhere else.

I have spent times over what I did back in '01 this past year and I have NO regrets.
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Originally Posted by brayton1 View Post
Thanks for all the responses. My wife and I just plan to ride our bikes within our community on paved roads and sidewalks just for fun and exercise. Maybe in the 10-15 mile range when we build up to it. We live in a community in NC where we have four golf courses and that is our primary passion. However, I don't want to buy too cheap (by my standards) of a bike incase we enjoy this, plus I want to be on something reasonably comfortable to ride and reasonably safe. Forget the pedal forward or tricycles, that's not for us. But we just bought and furnished a new house and we are not flush enough to go out and spend another $1000 + on bikes when we're not sure how much we will end up using them. Are we going to go that wrong (coat hangers in the garage) if we get a couple Schwinn Discover Hybrids for $273. or Diamondback Wildwood Citi Classic Sport for $199 (Cosco) or please recommend something else. You certainly have a lot more knowledge about bikes than us. Anything at the LBS that was more than one speed was like $500 to start.
I have a good friend who bought a Costco bike (not sure what brand) for $200 or $300 dollars, and he's been riding it like crazy 3 times a week for 2 or 3 years, usually going for 20-25 mile rides, up to 45 when I come visit and give him the company for a longer ride.

Personally, I would never ride the darned thing, and most around here would never want to ride the darned thing. It is absurdly heavy (I have a "heavy" touring style bike, but he enjoys doing one armed curls with it since he can't do them with his own). It isn't comfortable enough for me. But he has a great time, it is no coat hanger in the garage, he's staying in good shape on it. He stays in better shape on it riding 20-25 miles than I would on my bike riding 20-25 miles. He has no complaints.

If your goal is to ride on pretty flat terrain and get up to 10-15 miles, and nothing more, you'll probably be fine on one of the bikes you suggest, or a cheap beach cruiser. If I were in your shoes, however, I'd try to follow the suggestion of others and look at used options. Garage sales, craigslist, bike shops with used, other sources for used. If you don't want to buy too cheap in case you enjoy it, then spend a little time to find something used that you can test out first to see if you like it. You'll get more bang for the buck and you'll get to test ride. How can you go wrong? The biggest danger is that it makes you more likely to enjoy it, and then you'll start riding more, and then you'll decide you want a better more expensive bike. Get a cheaper bike that is less comfortable and harder to ride, it is more likely that you won't enjoy it and won't have any desire to spend more money down the road.
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As a 58 year old geezer with a bad knee.. I went with the Electra Townie 21.. and we LOVE IT... to the point my wife got off her Trek and we found the ladies Townie to match this year..
they are easy to ride.. very stable... I'm riding it 25-35 miles with out any issues..... NOT a mountain bike.. great bike path, road, park bike... has front suspension so the ride is good, but it's the feet forward design that got me back on a bike again... my very high end road bike has been sitting for 15 years, as my knees just don't like that frame style any longer.... they are pricier.... I picked mine new at REI for $525, but found wife's on craigslist after a few weeks of watching the posts for $225...
Love the Townies.....
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Rich Gibson 
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Lots of great answers. I began riding last July and after searching around on the internet I found this terrific site and it's over 50 forum. Couldn't ask for more. I'm almost 72 and began last summer after not riding a bike for 43 years. Sad to say you get what you pay for. Good quality new bikes simply cost many hundreds of dollars now a days. I did a moderate amount of research and settled on a Trek FX 7.6, yes, around $1200 at a LBS. I don't regret my decision one bit..and truth be told I could have been as happy with two models below in price. I've got 2930 miles on it through a few minutes ago; 1700 miles on my indoor trainer and the balance on the road. I ride on trails here in northern Virginia weather permitting.

I was originally 222# two years ago and have dropped to 180# and stayed there since buying my bike; my resting heart rate is now 52 and my doctor stopped my blood pressure medicine. I realize that that may not happen for everyone who takes up cycling but after reaching retirement bicycling is an ideal way to make sure you can enjoy retirement and not simply watch yourself wind down till it's over. Perhaps a used hybrid model is in order. Fortunately athletic equipment has a low usage rate, most people having more enthusiasm than follow through. I'll bet you can get a nice one on Craig's List, through the paper, or at a shop. Buying a department store new bike is asking for trouble if you plan on settling on 10-15 mile daily rides. By getting a sound, better quality used bike you can see if it's for you and then save up for a similar (or better) quality one if you like riding. Good luck!

__________________ is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. ― Andy Rooney ...enjoy what's left!
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